How to Format Instagram Captions – Spacing Your Paragraphs

May 25, 2016 Update!

Instagram has since rolled out another update that has not allowed for spaces (line breaks) to be added to your Instagram captions. For now our solution is this– add in some character in between your lines. You will still need to follow the steps below to start a new line of text. For example...

Create this in your Notes app them copy/paste over into Instagram (confused, scroll down for the step-by-step process!)

your copy goes here

• (put some character in between like a period, bullet, etc.)

your copy goes here

Instagram updates have been rolling out over the past few months like crazy!

Just to name a few...

With the latest Instagram update, you have likely seen that you can no longer add spaces to your captions. Not to worry though! We have a solution! Click through to learn this Instagram tip – why spaces are important and how you can create them. Photo by @darcybenincosa.

Photo by D'Arcy Benincosa

How to Format Instagram Captions  – Spacing Your Paragraphs (Tweet this!)

Although we have loved almost every single update so far, there have been a couple tweaks we're not such big fans of. One being that you can no longer create a custom Instagram location. Anyone else bummed out by this? No problem! As always, we have you covered with these helpful tips >>> What to Do Now That Custom Instagram Geotags Are Gone.

The other update we noticed just this week is that our past methods for adding spaces to paragraphs on Instagram are no longer working. It appears that with the latest Instagram update, the line breaks are no longer supported. This can be an issue for those of us who tend to have long-form social media posts. If you (and you should) want to add the most value in your captions, a simple sentence just won't do. If you're like us, you tend to write in paragraph form. For this method, you really do need spaces to allow you to break up the captions so they are easier for your audience to read.

Chunking information in such a way also allows you to take up more real estate in the Instagram Home feed, allowing your post the potential to capture more eyes. Lastly, spacing your paragraphs on Instagram is just more visually appealing. You can read all about the aesthetic value spacing offers, in this post.

Okay, so you're probably sitting there thinking to yourself, great, well now they've sold me on formatting my Instagram posts with spaces, but you're also telling me that it no longer works – Thanks Jess, real helpful!

Don't worry! I felt the same frustration when I noticed the update which is why I'm here to give you some options.

For now, the best way to add spaces to your Instagram captions is to actually not add a space at all.

Confused? Stick with me!

Use Characters + Emojis

Instead of a space, we're going to separate our paragraphs using a character. These characters will serve a sort of pseudo space and allow our information to be chunked so it's easier to follow. See below for examples...

We hope to be able to find out another solution for adding spaces back into our Instagram posts soon but for now, this is what we recommend you do to add them.

How to Add "Spaces" to Your Instagram Captions

For iPhone users

  1. Create your caption in the "Notes" app on your phone.
  2. Add your text.
  3. Whenever you want to create your pseudo space hit "return" on your keyboard.
  4. Add your character or emoji.
  5. Hit "return" again to start a new line.
  6. Copy/paste your caption into Instagram or Latergramme if you prefer to "schedule".

And there you have it! You now have a new way to add spaces to your Instagram captions.

Have you seen any creative methods other people are using to separate their content?