3 Steps to Creating Brand Consistency

Creating consistency within your brand is key for building trust, establishing recognition, and targeting your dreamies. If you’ve never stopped to consider whether or not your brand is cohesive enough, hop on over to this blog post to read more before you move on to these activities.

Your brand + how you represent yourself to your audience is crucial to your success and attracting your dreamies. If you're not sure what exactly your brand represents or having difficulty keeping a cohesive thread throughout your marketing efforts, make sure you read this blog post + download our free worksheet and start creating consistency within your brand. 

Ok, welcome back! Now that you know why you need a cohesive brand, let’s dive into the how-to! I’m going to share 3 steps that you’ll need to take in order to create consistency within your brand. So grab a pencil, download our worksheet, and let’s get to work!

Step 1 - Brand review

Where is your brand right now? To do this, collect all of the branding, marketing and online (web, social media, etc.) materials you are currently using.

Activity Time!

Take a screenshot of your most recent social media posts (one for each platform you’re on) and your website and compare everything side-by-side.

How do they look? Do they reflect the business you are now or are they outdated and stuck in the past? Do you have an identity problem – does what you have been using have many different design styles that make your business appear disjointed as if they are from more than one company? Let’s fix it! Figure out which components you love (your color scheme, imagery, symbols and icons, etc.)  and which have been received well by your audience and start building there.  

Psst...need help figuring out which content has been best received by your audience? Dig into your analytics first to see what your Dreamies are loving!

Step 2. Build a foundation

This is where you start building your brand to reflect your business – not the business you once were or one that reflects your competitors. This process will help you to gain clarity about your brand and will help you communicate to:

  • Your Clients

  • Your Vendors

  • Your Partners & Affiliates

To build this foundation you will need to define:

  • What is your business personality and style?

  • What makes your business different than others in your industry?

  • Who is your client – what do they want, need and desire? And, how do they feel after they have worked with you?

Step 3. Make a plan and develop your brand identity

What branding pieces, website and online presence do you need to get there? How do you want your business to appear? Who will you be working with?

Activity Time!

Jot down all of the assets you’ll either need to create or update in order to have a cohesive brand. Keep in mind if don’t currently have a brand vision set, you’ll need to start there (colors, logo, fonts, etc.)

Like everything else in your business, your brand is constantly evolving, so it’s important to stay on top of it to make sure it’s consistent for your dreamies. Keep this worksheet handy and revisit this whenever you feel your brand make a shift!