How to Create an Effective Content Mix

Content marketing can be a beast. When you’re attempting to expand your brand or business it’s so important to make sure that whatever you’re putting out there is standing above the noise. Too many brands get trapped in this thought of “everyone has a blog, so I should too!”. While we agree, yes, blogging is amazing for connecting with your audience and increasing your reach, if it isn’t well thought out and intentionally crafted it can come across as sloppy and inconsistent. I’m pretty sure those are two terms you wouldn’t want associated with your brand, right?

Create an effective content mix that keeps your audience engaged no matter what you post.

If you’ve been looking to add some intention to your content strategy, here are six instrumental tips that can help you start posting with intention and achieve your goals.

1. Define Your Purpose

Who are you as a brand? What is your reason for distributing content in the first place? At Social Studio Shop our purpose is to help others Inspire. Connect. Grow through social media. By having these core values established, it allows us to target each piece of content we create to ensure that it is serving a purpose that is supported by our brand. Establishing your brand’s core values will make this task so much easier - check out this blog post, 6 Ways to Showcase Your Core Values Through Your Brand to get some helpful tips.

2. Know Your Audience

There’s no point in publishing content if it’s falling on deaf ears, right? Think about your audience’s goals. Why will your audience spend time engaging with your content? Do they want to learn something from you? Are you writing on topics that will engage with their interests? With so much content floating around the social sphere these days, it’s important to make sure yours is pinpointed exactly towards your ideal audience so that they are more likely to connect with what you’re sharing. Not sure who your audience is quite yet? That’s a crucial step to having a successful brand. See how to Embrace Your Brand + Define Your Audience in our newest online course.

3. Give Your Content a Purpose

There are so many different reasons for sharing your voice with your audience. Before you release the final product, make sure your content has a clearly defined purpose. Some common purposes can include:

All of these examples serve a different purpose, but still serve the same audience and represent the Social Studio Shop brand.

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4. Mix Up Your Media

Not a great writer? No problem! You can still create an effective content mix for your brand by using visuals or audio. While your brand’s focus and the resources you have available will play a big role in what type of content you showcase, here are some different media ideas to play around with:

  • Podcasts

  • Infographics

  • Blog posts or articles

  • Webinars

  • Animations or graphics

  • Tutorials

5. Don’t Forget to Stay Evergreen

While it’s great to have timely, relevant content to drive in traffic, it’s the evergreen content that will have the longer life cycle. Make sure to keep your content mix a balance between the two so that you’ll always have content to repurpose or share. Pinterest is great for evergreen traffic because the lifecycle of a pin is so much longer than any other form of social sharing out there. I’m still getting traffic to evergreen blog posts that were published in 2012, because the topic remains relevant no matter the date.

6. Consistency is Key

Lastly, be consistent! Whether that means getting yourself on a schedule, investing in an editorial or content calendar, get yourself on a system that works for you and your audience. Take note of what they are responding to and go from there. Do your list posts perform better than your video tutorials? That’s great info to have! Gather up your knowledge and formulate a system that will allow you to streamline your content and reach your audience consistently.

There you go! 6 small steps to creating the most effective content mix your brand has ever seen. Now get out there and start sharing!

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