How to Create a Newsletter Your Subscribers Will Love

It’s almost overwhelming, isn’t it? Every time you’re on a website these days it only takes about 30 seconds for that little box to pop up crying “Subscribe to Our Newsletter!” or “Join Our Mailing List!”. Some offer the promise of discount codes to lure you in. Before you know it, your daily inbox is flooded with, well, junk.

Thinking about starting a newsletter or maybe need to revamp your current one? Before you dive in, make sure what you're sending out has these key components included. Don't end up in Spam, create a newsletter your subscribers will love!

So as a creative business owner how do you rise above this noise and create a newsletter people will actually want to subscribe to and get excited to see in their inbox next week? Let’s break down some of the key components that make up a great newsletter:


First off, if you haven’t yet, head on over to this blog post → Are Newsletters Right for Your Brand or Blog? And give that a read. The truth of the matter is, not everyone needs a newsletter. If you don’t have something of value to provide your audience with, you’re just going to end up in the junk folder. Newsletters shouldn’t be used only to push sales — that’s what individual email blasts are for. Don’t preface the promise of a newsletter and only use it to pitch your products. A newsletter should be a compilation of content that provides true value to your audience. If your brand isn’t in a position to offer that, hold off on the newsletter for now.

Engaging Content

Whether this be blog posts, recipes, tips +tricks, the bulk of your newsletter should be made up of content that will engage the reader. For example, if you’re a chef looking to grow your audience, consider including your favorite recipes in your newsletter each week (or month, frequency of the newsletter is totally up to you!). Your audience follows you and subscribes to your newsletter because they are interested in your voice and what you have to say. Share your best content with this select group of VIPs who have chosen to follow along

Exclusive Deals

Like I mentioned above, think of your newsletter subscribers like VIPs. They are voluntarily following along with you because they want to support your business. Give back to them through exclusive sneak peeks, discount codes or bonus offers that you aren’t sharing anywhere else. Everyone likes to feel special now and then, so be sure to spoil them!


Most people use Mailchimp to create their newsletters because of the incredibly user-friendly interface. Even if you’re not a graphic design or tech-savvy you can still create a beautiful newsletter your subscribers will adore. The key here is to be consistent. Create a template and then stick with it. Not only will your audience appreciate the consistency, but it will help you quickly see what’s resonating and what’s striking out (yay, analytics!)

Calls to Action

It’s not enough to simply put the information in front of your readers, you sometimes need to give them a little nudge as well. Be sure to include plenty of links to your site, services and products, as well as social shares! A reader is much more likely to share something they enjoyed reading if the process is easy and the functionality is laid out in front of them. Utilize those links + buttons!

So there you have it. This is more than enough to get you started on creating a fabulous newsletter that your subscribers will love. Before you get started on creating or tweaking your own, go through the newsletters you’re currently subscribed to and see which pieces you love that keep you coming back for more each time it lands in your inbox. This will help you figure out what you can do to make sure no one hits “Unsubscribe” ever again!