How to Brand Your Pinterest Profile + Why You Should

Recently we’ve been chatting a lot about the importance of branding and how it has such a huge impact on your social media presence. Let’s face it, the more cohesive you are with your branding across the board, the greater the impression it leaves on your audience. So how are you doing with showcasing your brand? We pay a lot of attention to our websites, blogs, and social media profiles, but once of the most commonly missed branding opportunities is one of the biggest platforms - Pinterest.

Now, you might think “Ok, Sam, Pinterest is pretty templated, there’s not much I can do to put my mark on it.” Well, Socialites, do I have news for you! Not only can you brand your Pinterest through your pins (now called “Saves”), but you can create a branded profile as well.

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Before You Start

First things first, before you can get your branding on point, you’ll need to streamline your account. More boards does not equal more followers! Having too many boards on a wide variety of topics can alienate potential followers because they won’t understand what it is you stand for. For example, if you’re a fashion blogger, make sure to stick to categories that your followers are interested in. Looking at your blogging categories on your website is a great way to figure out what your followers might be attracted to. This will also make sure your platforms are driving cross-traffic. Remember, Pinterest is a great avenue to drive traffic to your blog or website - and if it isn’t working, see these 4 tips for how to make your site more Pinterest-friendly. As long as all of your boards are relevant to your target audience, branding will be that much easier.

Streamlining doesn’t just apply to your boards. Make sure your Pins are all in line with your branding as well before you save them to your profile. No one wants to follow an account with unattractive pins or mismatched pins. Everything you save to your boards should be cohesive with your overall brand aesthetics. If you have pins that don’t necessarily fit with the rest, that’s what secret boards are for!

Branding Your Pinterest Profile

The perfect way to brand your Pinterest profile is through your cover images for your boards. Below you’ll see some examples of Pinterest profiles that do a great job building in their brand aesthetics.

What do all of these accounts have in common? They’ve used their brands colors, fonts, image style, etc. to create a beautifully cohesive view for their audience when they land on their profile. And let’s be honest, if you land on one of these profiles when you’re looking for new accounts to follow, wouldn’t you be impressed? These profiles tell their target audience that they put some serious thought and time into creating a beautiful Pinterest experience for their followers, so they are definitely worth following!

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If you’re not into using text as your cover image, you can still create a beautifully branded profile by using cohesive images that all have the same look and “feel” as each other. Whatever fits best with your brand, go with that!

The How-To

The first step in branding your Pinterest profile is creating the right images for your cover. In our past blog post, How to Craft the Perfect Pin, we break down all the optimal image sizes you need. All Pinterest cover images need to be 217 x 147 pixels. If you’re not a Photoshop guru, the best way to create these images is through Canva. Create an image using custom dimensions, and you’ll have the perfect size image in a snap. When I branded my Pinterest profile, I messed around with the design in Canva until I found one that I loved, and then just used that as a template for the remainder of the boards - it was so easy!

Now how do you get these images on your profile? Since you can’t upload a solo image to Pinterest, you’ll need to do this in one of two ways -

  1. You can add these photos to a blog post on your site and Pin from that link, and yes, you can delete them after you save your Pin OR
  2. Upload the image directly to Pinterest and link it back to your blog’s homepage. This is what I chose to do and it worked out great for me.

Finally, make sure that after you Pin the image to the correct board you change the board cover to that image. Rinse + repeat!

So branding your Pinterest might not be as simple as changing the cover photo on Facebook or header on Twitter, but with a little bit of thought and time you can create a beautifully branded profile for your audience to follow and adore.