How to Attend a Twitter Chat

If you’re on Twitter, you’ve most likely seen certain hashtags appear on your feed every week or two, and then disappear again. For the most part, you’re witnessing a Twitter chat! If you’re not too familiar with them, a Twitter chat (also known as a Twitter party) is a guided-conversation where people tweet about a particular topic using a specific hashtag (in this case #socialstudiochat). Last week, Crystal had mentioned on how to be host a successful Twitter chat, but how about if you wanted to attend one?

Are you new to Twitter? Maybe you've been using it for awhile but you want to extend your reach and grow your account? Que the almighty Twitter chats! Twitter chats are a great opportunity to connect with new people and grow your network, increase own influence and gain valuable insight on a specific topic.  Click through to learn how to attend a Twitter chat, our three favorite Twitter tools, and chats for creative entrepreneurs.

Twitter chats are a great opportunity to connect with new people and grow your network, increase own influence and gain valuable insight on a specific topic. These chats occur at a particular time and repeat either weekly, bi-weekly or when announced. Today I’m sharing a quick overview on how to join in on a Twitter chat!

How to Attend a Twitter Chat (Tweet this!)

Locating the Chat

In order to attend a Twitter chat, you’ve got to find it! This means finding the specific hashtag that users tag their tweets with so you can keep track of the conversation. Kayla Hollatz, host of #createlounge, mentions some of her favorite Twitter chats for creativepreneurs here (these are also some that I like to chime in and give my two cents!).

Using the Hashtag

Every Twitter chat comes with a specific hashtag. This hashtag is key to keeping up with the conversation. In order to attend a Twitter chat, make sure all your tweets include the designated hashtag. If you tweet without it, your tweet may most likely fall into the blackhole of the conversation and become unseen. Your goal is to make people see that you’re participating and are interested in the topic up for discussion.

(Tip: Make sure your account isn’t on private + protected! Publicizing your account will allow everyone watching to see what you’re saying.)

Using the Right Tool

You’re going to want to use a Twitter tool to help you monitor the Twitter chat and conversation you’re following. This will help filter out what you regularly see on your timeline stream with outside information. Here are some tools you may want to consider:

Be Active + Participate!

What’s the fun of just sitting there? Make sure you know the topic and how to maximize the most of your time by asking what you want to know to get actionable information. Retweeting those who you think made great point is a great way to engage with others! Remember to not solely focus on your own needs. Share your insight and help other people participating in the chat who have questions/concerns. This builds your credibility on Twitter and allows you to be seen as helpful! The more people who can trust you as a resource, the better connections you’ll make when “meeting” people on Twitter chat.

Be sure to join us for our next #socialstudiochat tomorrow (10/14) on “Finding Your Niche” at 6pm PT!