How to Add Spaces to Instagram Captions

Update August 21 2015: You can now add spaces to your Instagram captions by simply hitting the "return" one time while composing your caption directly in Instagram. The below methods still work as well if you would like to try those.

We don’t really know how to say this … We just had to tell you that …

We really need our space …

Only kidding! Although, we do value (and really love) s p a c e in terms of formatting & we’re going to tell you WHY & HOW we love our spacing on Instagram! Do you ever scroll through your Instagram feed & see businesses, bloggers or influencers that are able to space out their caption?

For example:

Not only do we love the spacing here (via photographer @jessicarosephoto on Instagram) we love her words as well! Thanks for the positive reminder, Jessica! Do you wonder “HOW!? . . . How in the world do they do that?!”

For some of you, you may see it as simply a stylistic choice, while others view it as strategic! This may seem like a silly topic but today we are sharing the secret behind spacing!

Why We Love Spaces in Instagram Captions

Whether you view it as strategic or stylistic, the benefits we see in spacing your captions out (as you would a blog post, marketing material or even Facebook post) are many including:

  • Enables you to break up your thought
  • Allows you to have more room on the viewer’s feed & therefore more people are likely to pause and actually see your content
  • Enables viewers to seek out important keywords easier (i.e. coupon code, giveaway, announcement)
  • Allows for more white space, giving a cleaner effect

If you see the value in spacing, or just like the appearance, here are the two methods we use to achieve proper spacing in Instagram captions...

How to Add Spaces Using an iPhone

For iPhone users, create your captions in the “Notes” app. By forming your caption in this outside app, rather than in Instagram, you are able to give yourself spaces in between paragraphs or thoughts. Simply ‘copy’ and ‘paste’ your words into the caption box on Instagram & voilà! There you have it!

Keep in mind, your line breaks will literally "break" if you edit your text at all in Instagram after pasting it. So make sure you're have it all correct in your notes (tags an all) before pasting. Also, emojis seem to break the line spaces as well so sorry emoji lovers — gotta keep them out or go with another technique! Keep reading...

If these extra steps in the 'Notes' app doesn’t appeal to you or doesn’t work for you, you can try spacing it manually in the Instagram app itself. When you are typing out your caption, at the end of the sentence you want the space after, hit return 5 times & then begin with the sentence you want to start after the white space.


"Craving summer!? Can’t wait to soak in all that the season has to offer?

Check out the blog today for 5 tasty cocktail recipes that will quench your thirst for summer! Link in bio - xoxo, Jules"

Now, I am in no way trying to claim that I am an Instagram magician or scientist! I do not know why five is the magic number–it’s just simply the number I have found that works after trial and error. (Don’t worry, you’re laughing with me–not at me–at this point!)

Woohoo! After all of this, we’re feeling pumped & ready to get our space on! But wait, before you go, I have to let you know that a warning comes with this information. . .

These two tactics do not always work!*

We know–what a disappointment! From what it seems, Instagram still is the power at will & even when using either of these steps, it does not always allow for posts to have that professional looking spacing! We tend to have good luck with these steps most of the time. Occasionally, Instagram flukes up and pushes all the words together. When that happens, know that it's not the end of the word and you can edit your captions if you like.

For now, these are the most solid tips we can give you. We hope they work for you — time and time again! We all need space sometimes, ya know? So enjoy it! . . . We know we do! ;)