How to Add a Custom Location to Instagram Part II

Before reading this tutorial, please take a few moments to check out this post >>> How To Add A Custom Location to Instagram Part I.

In the first part of this series, I break down the many benefits for creating a custom location on Instagram, how to measure your Instagram engagement, and give you access to download our favorite tool for staying on top of your social media success– you won’t want to miss it!

So you’re here, you’ve read the first part of this series, and you’re ready to rock! Let’s do this…

Ever wonder how you can add a custom location to your Instagram posts? Well now you can with this helpful step-by-step Instagram tutorial! Add your branded location to your Instagram posts to attract new clients. Worried because you work from home? We have the solution! Pin now and click through to learn more awesome Instagram tips!

Note: This tutorial is for iOS users who want to add a custom location using their iPhone. If you have an Android, go here!

If you’re thinking– but Jess, I don’t have a physical location for my brand other than my home! What should I do?! No problem! We at Social Studio Shop, work as a virtual team and personally, I too don’t want everyone in the social world to know exactly where I live. There’s a work-around for this.

Instead of walking through these steps at my home, I decided to head to a local coffee shop, Better Buzz in Encinitas while I created our location. The reason is twofold, one so that everyone doesn’t know where I live, and two because I want when people are adding a location to their Instagram posts near this area that, Social Studio Shop pops up as a suggestion.

You can imagine how powerful this might be for getting your name in front of new faces. Now, I didn’t just go to any old coffee shop either, I went to the one that I know for a fact, a lot of entrepreneurs and bloggers frequent when they want to get out of the house– strategically putting, Social Studio Shop in front of our ideal audience. Savvy, right?!

Moving on...

Step One: Open The App

Open the Facebook App on your iPhone

Step Two: Check In

Tap “Check In”

Step Three A: Turn Location Services On

You must have your Location Services for your Facebook App turned on. If you do not have this turned on…

  • Go to “Settings”

  • Privacy

  • Location Services

  • Facebook

  • Select “While Using the App”

Step Three B: Choose Your Location

Type in your desired custom location in the “Where Are You?" box.


Extra Tip: You may want to give your name some context so when others are looking to add a nearby location to their Instagram posts that they know what it is you have to offer. For example, if someone were to just see Social Studio Shop, they may not pause to investigate. BUT if someone sees Social Studio Shop: Social Media Consulting and they happen to have a desire to learn more about social media, well look who they might turn to for help!

After trial and error, we found out that you cannot add any of the following characters to your location...

  • Parenthesis
  • Em dashes
  • Hyphens

Step Four: Add Your Location

Once you have your desired custom location typed in, select “Add” whatever it is that you typed in.

Step Five: Add the Most Relevant Category

This is important you guys! You will want to add the category that best matches your industry. This will help you in search results. For us, we choose “Professional Service” then “Educational Consultant”.

Step Six: Give Your Location a "Home"

If you have a physical address (that is not your home)...

  • Choose your city

  • Create a Place (fill out the following)

    • Street address
    • Zip code
  • Tap Create

If you work from home…

  • Select “I’m here right now”.

  • Create a Place (fill out the following)

    • Street address

    • Zip code

    • Add an image (use your logo or professional headshot)

  • Tap Create

Now, Facebook will automatically take you to a window that will allow you to create a status with your new location. You will need to post at least once to Facebook using this new location so the location will populate on Instagram. You can tell Facebook that you only want to publish to yourself so no one else will see this– it's up to you!

Step Seven: Check It!

  • Open Instagram App

  • Go through the process of creating a new post (but don’t actually send it)

  • Tap “Add Location”

  • If your new location doesn’t automatically pop up as a suggestion, that is likely because of two things...

    • You have not used the location enough in the past

    • You are not close enough to where you made the custom location

Extra Tip: I ended up driving about a mile away from Better Buz, Encinitas and was to then pull our custom location through. You may want to do this a few times before trying to add your new custom location when you are far away from the original source.

And there you have it! You can now start adding your branded custom location to your Instagram posts!

I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial + let me know how it works for you! I do miss the good ol' days when you could easily add a new location any time you like, but for now– this will do the trick!