How to Add A Custom Location to Instagram Part I

I’ve been meaning to write this post since our LA workshop, so I’m really excited to finally get the opportunity to sit down and do this one justice! You know me, when I write a blog post, I like to lay it all out on the table. No stone unturned, EVERY. SINGLE. LITTLE. DETAIL. kind of thing so you can get the MOST value out of your time.

Back to LA, where the idea for this post was born…

Nada Jones, owner of LTD 365 and the cutest creative studio, ltdSTUDIO (a rentable coworking space) asked if we could create a custom location for her to use on Instagram. GREAT idea I thought (I’ll tell you why soon), but I knew we had to put this one on the back-burner until we could look into this further once we knew more.

If you remember this post– one of our most popular to date, that we used to LOVE using custom locations on Instagram for many reasons…

The step-by-step process for adding a custom location to your Instagram posts. Three reasons why custom Instagram locations rock and how they can boost your engagement on social media! Pin now and click through to learn more!

Extra Real Estate

We were all a little sad when Instagram rolled out their “more” button. Essentially they have now put a cap on how many characters will be displayed in the feed before your caption will be cut off and your audience will have to click “more” to continue reading. You can learn more about the character count and our tips for encouraging your audience to keep reading below...

Now, that’s fine– I see where instagram was coming from in terms of wanting to maintain a high-quality platform that cracks down on spammers. Now it’s our turn to get a little bit more creative about the way we choose to take up more real estate in the feed. The reason why we might want to do this is so that our audience is that much more likely to notice our post and listen to what we have to say. One way we can do this is to use a custom location.

More Engagement

If you read through the post I mentioned up there ^ you’ll see according to Simply Measured, posts that feature a location see a 50% higher engagement rate. Now, if you’ve ever attended one of our two-day social media workshops, you’ll know that we always take social best practices with a grain of salt. They are a great foundation to start with but you should ALWAYS test out any strategy to see how it works with your unique audience.

So here’s our test…

We compared two pretty similar Instagram posts. Both utilize capitalization and an emoji to draw attention to the caption in the post. Read more about why we choose to use these to attract our ideal audience here. It’s also important to note here that we also used industry-specific hashtags in the comments of our post to extend the reach (new eyeballs) of our post. If you’re interested in learning more about this and how to strategically use hashtags for your social media, you’ll love this course >>> How to Develop a Successful Hashtag Strategy

Now, the images are different of course, one has a human element to it and one is a pretty sunset. You could argue that one is going to inherently perform better than the other because of the image alone but in our experiments, the posts that have a ‘human factor’ to them, tend to perform better for US (remember, our audience is not the same as yours so run your own tests).

The main difference between the two other than image alone is the fact that one features a location (aka a geotag).

Let’s take a look at the posts and run the numbers...

Likes: 217

Comments: 13 (excluding our own)

Engagement: 4%

Likes: 211

Comments: 2 (excluding our own)

Engagement: 3%

Wondering how to run these numbers yourself? Go to this post >>> How to measure your Instagram post engagement

So, based on these variables, one could assume that the reason our sunset picture performed better than the ‘from where I stand image’ because we used a location in the post. Of course, we’re making some assumptions here but it’s important to not that we have the numbers to back this assumption.

Do you want to get the exact tool that we use to measure the success of our social media posts? Download our content calendar! This will help you plan your posts ahead of time and measure your return on your efforts.

Brand Recognition

Okay, last but certainly not least– another big reason why you may want to utilize a custom location on your Instagram posts is for brand recognition. Without going down a rabbit hole on branding (I’ll leave that up to my dear friend, Devan to explain better for you in this post), here’s the jist of it…

“The goal is for your followers + potential clients to see an image or read something and know immediately that it came from you and your brand.” – Devan Danielle


An easy way to do this is to provide just one more instance where your brand name or your brand voice can appear front and center.

Okay, here’s where I’m going to stop for now. I’ve just unloaded a ton of knowledge on you and given you a lot to mull over. If you’re ready to move on to the second part of this post, head over to this link! Here you will learn the exact step-by-step process for adding a custom location to Instagram.

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