Getting Social with Mallow Mallow

It all started over a camping trip with friends. While sharing laughs and a couple drinks over an inviting Lake Cuyamaca campfire, Daniel, co-founder of Mallow Mallow poses this question to his wife Latanya...

Why can't you go anywhere and get s'mores?

Well lovelies, let me tell you this — I'm sure glad Daniel begged to answer this delicious question!

Mallow Mallow

From the very inception of this ooey-goey query is where the initial idea for Mallow Mallow came to be! A couple of camping-enthusiasts combined their love of tasty treats and fond childhood memories to launch their s'mores business in 2014!

The first step in launching Mallow Mallow required these "s'moreologists" to become just that — recipe creators. With no previous culinary background, Latayna and Daniel knew they needed to educate themselves. So with a mission in mind to create the tastiest mallow sandwich, the two budding chefs hit the kitchen! After six solid months of trial and error, they found the perfect recipe for their hand-cut mallows, custom-molded chocolate, and hand-rolled grahams.

During their experimentation process they used their friends and family as a sort of focus group (jealous!) which allowed them to test their recipes while gaining valuable feedback on whether or not this concept would be a hit.

It turns out...

The s'mores business was in fact a smashing hit!

Being the first artisan s'mores company on the market with such a unique concept, Mallow Mallow had no trouble getting in to their first local farmers market. From there they were introduced to countless local connections which eventually led them on to one amazing opportunity after the next.

When I asked Latayna why she thinks the company took off so quickly she responded...

The idea its self is so great! It’s the smell and the novelty that attracts attention.

Most fans are initially attracted by the enticing smell of Mallow's s'mores. Eventually this decadent scent takes them back to their own childhood memories and they are always interested to find out that there's no campfire required to indulge on this classic treat!

No campfire, no problem! Mallow Mallow brings the novelty of s'mores to you! (Tweet this!)

Growing Quickly

Since their launch last year, Mallow Mallow has been growing quickly. The demand for their tasty treats has been so high, they have been sought after to participate in countless local events (Makers Arcade and South Park Walkabout just to name a couple!), weddings, corporate celebrations, Coachella, and even celebrity birthday parties!

Using social media to assist in their rapid growth, eventually Mallow needed to transition from their at-home test kitchen into a commercial space. Now the two work side by side a couple nights a week to hand roll every grahm, hand-cut each mallow, and custom-mold their chocolate bars.

If that doesn't make your mouth water — I don't know what will!

Luckily for our growing stomachs, Mallow offers a wide array of services. From scrumptions s'more bars to fun do-it-yourself kits, there's something for everyone! Now with the launch of their new online shop, you can gift a friend (or yourself) a variety of their artisan s'mores boxes with flavors such as, bourban bacon (YASSS!), peanut butter, and more!

A Word of Advice (or Three!)

Although there are certainly advantages to owning your own business (I'll get to those in just a second), there are also a couple challenges you need to get past. I asked Latanya what obsticles her and Daniel have had to get passed and most of them revolve around trying to find a work/life balance. She says...

There is no blueprint for this business. There was A LOT of trial and error. With each positive step we take, there are also negative steps that take us back. You must learn from your mistakes, become more efficient, and more forward.

That being said, there are just as many benefits to owning your own business. Latanya says the thing she enjoys most about Mallow Mallow is the opportunity to work with her husband. That and the perks that come along with eating s'mores whenever you want, getting into Coachella for free, and working with fellow creatives isn't half bad either — wink! The biggest joy they feel as creators comes when they are able to take someone's vision and bring it to life all while putting a smile on others' faces.

Getting Social with Mallow Mallow – an interview with the creators of the original gourmet S'mores! Yum! A delicious dessert you'll want to pin now and read about later.

Of course I couldn't leave this delicous convo without a takeaway for you all!

When I asked Latanya if she could give one word of advice to other hopeful entrepreneurs, what would it be? She said...

If you have an idea you’re thinking about, just try it! It’s not something you have to do on a full blown scale. If you work toward something that you’re truly passionate about, you will make it work. Live for you and just do it. Don’t let the naysayers hold you back!

It's fellow inspiring entrepreneurs who we are so thrilled to support! We are honored to be featuring Mallow Mallow as one of our sponsors this weekend at our San Diego workshop! We cannot wait to share their scrumptious s'mores with our socialites!