Getting Social with Rue de Lis Desserts

If you saw our snapshots from last social studio shop in San Diego, you know that we kind of have a sweet tooth.... okay, "kind of" might be understating it! We may or may not live on a healthy diet of donuts, cookies, cupcakes and anything else delectable and sweet! That's why we're watering at the mouth with excitement about working with Rue De Lis Desserts at our upcoming Salt Lake City workshop! Rue de Lis is a gourmet dessert catering business that crafts delicious confections for all types of events! Wedding cakes, pastries, cookies, cupcakes, you name it — Hilary makes it! Read on to learn more about this scrumptious company and the advice she recommends to rising entrepreneurs...

We’d love to hear more about Rue De Lis Desserts. What does your company specialize in?

My company specializes in custom desserts from petite fours to pies to wedding cakes.

Have you been baking all your life? When did you start & when did you know this was what you wanted to make your career out of?

I have been baking as long as I can remember! I took after school cooking classes in fourth grade that were so much fun, I decided then and there that I always belonged in a kitchen. I have been taking classes and working in kitchens ever since.

What is your most favorite treat you make & why?

My favorite treat that I make is pavlova. It is an Australian meringue dessert, and I hate to say that the reason it is my favorite is because I always make myself some extra just for me!

How do you get the word out about your company?

Social media and word of mouth. My family and friends do some excellent free marketing for me!

What’s your favorite social media network and why?

Instagram. I am a visual person, and I believe most people are. And when it comes to food, pictures speak a thousand bites :) Why write a tweet about it when you can show your followers a mouthwatering photo of it?

If you could give other entrepreneurs one tip of advice, what would it be?

Stay true to yourself in all aspects of your business!

What exciting things does Rue De Lis Desserts have in store for us in 2015?

Lots and LOTS of wedding cakes! And a couple local markets like the Beehive Bazaar!

images c/o Rue De Lis