Getting Social with Parris Chic Boutique

Ahh! *Dancing around the room* Our next social studio shop is this weekend and we are ecstatic! As we’re dotting our i's & crossing our t's, we thought we would take some time to chat with another lovely sponsor, Alyssa Thiel from Parris Chic Boutique. This calligrapher turned shop owner shares the art of balancing a creative career while maintaining a booming business!

We’d love to hear more about Parris Chic Boutique. What does your company specialize in?

Parris Chic Boutique is my take on beautifully handmade wedding and home décor. We specialize in hand lettering and pretty pillows along with many other goodies to decorate with. The goal for my products is that through them you would be able to celebrate, cherish, and show off the love and relationships in your life.

How did you get started doing calligraphy & when did you know this was what you wanted to make your career out of?

Calligraphy actually came after my business launched and it was something I started after making Parris Chic Boutique my full time career. It all started because I couldn’t find the perfect font to use on my products and represent my brand. I wanted something flowy, romantic, whimsical, and original. That is when I started to develop my calligraphy and I soon found myself not only revamping my entire shop and décor lines, but getting fun new jobs for wedding and events. I could have only dreamed I would one day be able to teach the skill and use it for pretty editorials.

Where do you find inspiration for your stunning designs?

I tend to be overwhelmed with inspiration on a daily basis. I draw inspiration from so many sources and in so many different ways. Seasons, weather, and nature but also Pinterest, magazines, store fronts, other creatives…I’m telling you the list goes on! Being a small business owner you need that constant flow of new ideas to keep things exciting!

In a creative field that is booming, how do you set yourself apart?

I try to simply be honest and true to myself with what I create. Original products and unique items are what sell. I have found that letting my passions and true self shine through bring forth my best work and that is what people want to see!

What has surprised you most about owning PCB?

Honestly, I never saw this one coming. This business has developed from a hobby where I was simply creating what I love in my free time. My first “office” was literally our living room floor in our apartment. I would camp out there a couple evenings a week, pull out the rubbermaid bin I stored all my supplies in and make pillows right there on the carpet. When I first started selling some of my products my husband consistently encouraged me with goals and dreams. He would say things like, “Imagine one day you could do this as your full time job!” or “if you can just sell 6 products a day this can be your profession!” I smile when I think of those conversations now because I would brush off his comments thinking there was no way that would ever become a reality. It took a solid month of sales here and there for me to realize this could really become a business and that the more time I dedicated to my “hobby”, the more it would pay off.

What’s your favorite social media network and why?

Instagram! Hands down. It’s a platform that is alive and booming with creatives and visually, Instagram is just so pretty. I love networking, chatting, and seeing what everyone else is creating and enjoying.

If you could give other entrepreneurs one tip of advice, what would it be?

I put my heart and soul into this business and the entire shop has become a true passion of mine. I realized very early on that the more work and time I put into PCB, the more I would get from it. If I continued to let it be a hobby, that’s all it would ever be.

If you have dreams of building a brand for yourself, put your mind to it and make it a reality!

Anyone has the capability to thrive on something they are passionate about, but it takes a dedicated person to do something about it and stick through all the trials and errors (because trust me, there will be errors!).

What exciting things does PCB have in store for us in 2015?

I’m so glad you asked! We have big plans for 2015 + 2016 and I can’t wait to dive head first into these crazy adventures. Just around the corner will be launching a tableware line (hello pretty placemats and table runners!) and for Father’s day we have a special line in mind just for the best men in your life! So new lines, a fresh and clean website coming soon, a brand new store front (eek!), amazing calligraphy workshop opportunities, and even some speaking dates on the books – a big year of new chapters and we are ready to launch it all!

photos by Love & Light Photographs