Getting Social with Meagan Floris of The Wolf & The Wildflower

We are so, so excited to be getting social with one of our favorite San Diego creatives, Meagan Floris of The Wolf & The Wildflower. Meagan was the brilliant photographer for our San Diego social media workshop + we are consistently blown away by everything she does. That's why we're so thrilled to be able to sit down with her + share more about this gal of many talents with our Socialites! Keep reading to learn more about Meagan + her brand...

Hi there! Can you tell us a little bit about The Wolf and the Wildflower and how it came to be? 

Hello! The Wolf & The Wildflower is my online home where I share what I’ve been up to creatively. Artist interviews, home DIYs, lettering inspirations, and photography are just a few of the things that frequent the blog most often. It started a few months ago when I was looking for a place to share my creative endeavors. I was looking to push myself creatively, and since I seem to have my hand in a lot of different things, I wanted a place that could host it all.

Where did the inspiration for the name, “The Wolf and the Wildflower” come from?

I have had an irrational fear of wild animals (particularly wolves) since I was little. While I was brainstorming name ideas, my husband suggested that I somehow incorporate a wolf. He had the wise idea to metaphorical put one of my biggest fears at the centre of my brand. Being in the creative industry is always scary. We’re constantly dealing with fear of failure and rejection (I mean, who isn’t really?). What better way to deal with fears than shining the spot light on them and facing them head on? So the “Wolf” is my metaphorical reminder to be bigger, stronger, and more powerful than my fears. 

Wildflowers are untamed and effortlessly beautiful. They grow where they want and have the power to take over acres of land. They grow graceful and are tough as hell despite their soft exteriors. Wildflowers are my inspirations to grow where I want, not just where someone (or society) plants me and to find that perfect balance of soft and strong.

You’re a babe of many talents. Photography, calligraphy, even a little floral design. Is there anything you can’t do?

Awh! Why thank you. I can’t wake up when my alarm goes off. I can’t understand taxes. I can’t eat eggs. I can’t sing well. I can’t resist In N Out. Just to name a few.

You’re originally from Canada. What made you decide to make the journey down to San Diego?

My husband and I moved down here just 8 short months after we got married. My husband (a graphic/product designer) pursued and got his dream job and it so happened to be in San Diego! It wasn’t an easy decision to make. We were both born and raised just outside of Vancouver and our roots were deep. We had always talked about expanding ourselves and experiencing more of this world, we just didn’t think an opportunity would come along so quickly. It has been incredible. It takes guts to move to a different country and the logistics alone were enough to stop us (and still make us pull out our hair to this day) but it was been well worth it. We didn’t know a single soul when we moved to San Diego and it took a while for us to figure out what it takes to build a community but we’ve grown so much as individuals and a couple. It helped that San Diego is such a warm (literally) and inviting city.

You photographed our San Diego workshop + provided the calligraphy pieces for our Social Hour event at Communal Coffee. You also photograph local events + work with other San Diego creatives. What’s your favorite thing about being a part of the San Diego creative community?

The size! It’s so perfectly small and huge at the same time. There’s a ton of people doing a ton of awesome things that you’re bound to meet someone you connect with. But there’s also this small and cozy feeling about the creative community here. Everyone knows each other or at least knows someone who knows someone. It’s easy to get connected in San Diego.

You recently participated in a 100-day lettering challenge on Instagram. How do you keep yourself motivated to learn new things and grow your creative brand?

I originally heard of the idea of doing a 100-day challenge from Becky Simpson on Brandon Harvey’s Sounds Good podcast.

I need to have concrete goals like the 100-day lettering challenge to get anything done. I’m not very self-motivated – haha! I need the pressure of a deadline or audience to complete a task. That’s why the lettering challenge has been so good for me. People might notice if I were to miss a day and that’s motivation enough for me to pick up my pen (or brush) everyday. That’s probably not a very good trait to have: being so concerned about what people think – haha! (Maybe my next challenge should be “100 days of not caring what people think of me”)

But I know the value of learning new things, especially in business and creativity. And a challenge like the 100-day lettering challenge is exactly what I’ve needed to refine my lettering and calligraphy skills. The hardest part about learning something new is starting. Things become second nature or easy for people because they do it a lot. Yes, sometimes natural talent is involved, but I’d beat almost every artist is incredibly talent because they’ve practiced over and over and over again. You just need to start.

How has social media had an influence on your brand?

Social media has been a huge part of my creativity and brand. Being mostly an introvert, it’s been an incredible way to connect with like-minded people and show my personality. I can literally thank Instagram for connecting me with my now real-life friends. The very first person I ever met in San Diego (two days after I moved) was a random connection on Instagram! I posted that I was moving to SD and looking to get connected and she took me out for coffee as soon as I was in town!

It’s also been a great opportunity for exposure and collaboration. Some of my favourite collaborations to date have started through a simple Instagram encounter.

What is your favorite way to connect with your audience through social media? Are there any platforms you love more than others for your brand?

Instagram has the majority of my time and attention. My people are there. It is a one-stop shop for inspiration, connections, education, and entertainment. It’s also been the #1 source of traffic for my blog! Some users get caught up in the numbers game (more followers, likes, etc.) and it can at times feel inauthentic when people start implementing odd strategies to get attention. But I feel like the majority of people (or at least the people I interact with) are there with the good intention of making genuine connections. Those are the type of people I like to surround myself with.

Is there anything that surprised along the way you as you grew your brand?

Hmm… what a thoughtful question! Now that I look back at the last few years, I’m surprised that I’m starting to shift my focus on hand lettering and design! Straight out of high school I wanted to be a wedding photographer. I pursued it for a few years and still genuinely enjoy shooting weddings but I’ve started to phase myself out of the wedding industry and more into lifestyle and commercial photography.

I also wouldn’t have believed you if you told me a few years ago that I’d be starting graphic design school next week! It’s been an interesting creative journey I’ve been on the last year and a half. With my current attention on hand lettering and my experience of photography, I’m hoping that design school will be the perfect ribbon to tie all my random interests together.

If you could go back and give yourself one piece of advice before launching your brand?

I touched on this earlier in the interview, but the biggest piece of advice I would give myself would be just to start. Don’t wait for things to fall into place. Don’t wait until you have a bit more confidence, or free time, or resources, or whatever. I wanted to launch my blog 1 year before I actually did. That’s an entire year of growth that I wasted because I let my self-generated fears hold me back! How silly of me! When I’m done my lettering challenge 37 days from now, I’m sure going to be glad I started 100 days ago and not last week. When I finish school a couple years from now, I’m sure going to be glad I started in January 2017 and not 2018.

Any exciting plans coming up for The Wolf and the Wildflower. that you can share with us?

I’m having pizza for dinner tonight, that’s an exciting plan – haha!

In all seriousness, I don’t have too many exciting plans that I can share. The most exciting thing happening in my life right now would be the start of school a few days from now. My readers can expect to see a lot more content focused on design (fonts, supplies, principles) since I’m sure that my brain will be fully occupied of all things graphic design

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