Getting Social with Jill Fausner of Layered Vintage

This week we’re getting social with one of our favorite Social Studio Shop sponsors, Jill Fausner, the brains and creative behind the wildly beautiful Layered Vintage. Since 2014 she has been combining her love of vintage, florals and event design into an increasingly successful business that is taking over the San Diego bridal scene. She has created a niche for herself with her custom installations and vibrant event styling including the highly sought after “Floral Swag Bar”, a favorite at many local events

jill fausner layered vintage

You beautified our San Diego workshop with your florals. For those not familiar with your business, can you share what attracted you to the floral industry + how you got started? 

Why thank you! It was not a straight path to florals...More a series of turns, a dead end or two and then miles later, here we are at floral design. I think it was the design process and realizing that everything I envisioned always had a floral element. I lacked experience (zero prior) but had such a strong draw towards floral design. I dove in and became insanely passionate quickly. Never turned back...I'm in it for the long haul.

floral box layered vintage

What were the biggest challenges you had to conquer before launching your business?

Just fear. Myself. I really mean my own internal voice that questions me all the time, sees other people's work and wonders what I'm doing... The voice you want to slap. She's the worst. I admire so many designers out there and there are so many that have been around much longer than I have. It's intimidating. Sometimes I want to hide and not share any of my work.

I finally had to turn the voice off and go for it. Being fearless is easier said than done. The fear is there I just work on it and know that I'm learning and growing daily.

Your work looks like heaven on earth. Can you tell us how you developed Layered Vintage’s signature style?

Stop it! My head is swelling and will pop eventually.

I'm all about the ingredients- wild, texture and lots of seasonal and foraged product. I will order and buy a ton but I will also walk around for half a day foraging things on the side of the road.  I'm influenced by so many things so my style is always changing and hopefully developing and evolving as I go. I want to be better so bad. I'm not happy where I am but I know I'll get there.

We see that you offer workshops – tell us about that! The DIY culture is huge today. What do you teach during these workshops? What has surprised you the most about these? 

I don't really... I've produced some and helped creative friends do their own but I'm just finally getting around to doing my own at West Elm next month. Such a slacker! I plan to teach about where to source ingredients, what to avoid and how to make things work when you're not a floral designer with a wholesale business license. We work with ingredients the average person has no idea about but they're only available to us...So how to gain access and how to make things for your own home and for special occasions.

Then technique and how to really layer things. I find that much of the problem with design is in the placement and layering. 

We won’t ask what your all time favorite flower is, since that can be really hard to narrow down! Instead, what flowers are you most excited about growing this fall? Is there anything new you plan adding to the mix?

I love Hellebores and Clematis. They're my favorite to draw too. I think it's just they're delicate details that make me excited to play with them right now.  They have such style and grace.  

What’s the most memorable or event/collaboration you’ve worked with?

Probably has to be with Darling Magazine... We did a party and a dinner back to back. Nearly killed me but it was the most rewarding adventure and a priceless experience.

We heard you had your own pop-up shop – congrats! What else have you done within the community + how has this helped your business grow?

I'm a fan of so many things. I love the Maker community- Makers Arcade, love the crafty Mom's- Queen Bee Market, workshop and social media momentum like what you're doing... and I love working with other unrelated businesses I admire.  

Even if it's something not really in line with flowers and what I do, I’ll still find a way to partner and grow a collaboration. I love learning and supporting one another. Through it I learn so much and my business moves to the next level.

Let’s discuss tools! What is one florist tool you can’t live without and your favorite social media network in terms of marketing yourself?

Good shears. I've got some fancy ones I ordered from Japan and I will never use another pair-- plus they photograph so well ;)

Instagram has been so good to me. It's immediate satisfaction, visually speaking, and I love the power it has. 

If you could go back + give yourself one tip of advice during your first year of designing, what would it be? 

Practice more.

What are some of Layered Vintage’s plans for the future? Knowing you, we’re certain you have creative plans up your sleeve — any details you can share?

I plan to travel much more. Even if it's "local" and to OC and LA. I actually want to make a point to go to LA once a month. So many friends and friends to be made and it's not that far away.

So, travel and of course much more collaborative work. Can't stop a good thing!

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