Getting Social with Founded Magazine

Last week I sat down with my favorite work date gal pal, Avery Johnson to chat about life, work (of course), and everything in between! Our mid-week meetups always seem to come at the perfect time, just when I need a little girlfriend pick-me-up. If you work from home or spend as much time alone as I do — I highly recommend getting finding a friend to help break the silence. During our meetups we talk shop, gab about our personal hangups and accomplishments, then get to work on our own separate tasks. Each time we meet, I leave feeling level-headed and ready to take on the rest of the week and this time was no different! Avery's insights and exciting new projects had me practically skipping my way home as my thoughts swirled with inspiration and motivation. After hearing about her new venture that's in the works, I couldn't wait to share about it with you all!

Founded Magazine

In Avery's words, Founded Magazine will be a virtual space where authentic writing meets inspiration, encouragement, and practical advice. Founded will bring a since of vulnerability and honesty to the internet, catering their content toward millennials looking for guidance and tips for living a fulfilled and authentic life.

co-founders Avery and Sarah met at Yellow Conference 2014

Founded believes in the strength of individual stories and answers the influential question focuses on "how are we really doing?" In a time where the road to success is no longer a linear path, Founded offers us those gentle nudges to help steer us in the right direction for US. Whether that's up, down, left, right, or diagonal, it's completely our choice. Founded will give us the tools and the inspiration to get there. They will also be posting fresh content daily covering a wide array of lifestyle topics including: career, wellness, DIY, relationships, profiles, and more!

Passion + Purpose

Passion + purpose will collide when Founded launches this spring so keep an eye out! Right now I'm staying up-to-date by subscribing to their newsletter and watching stalking their social feeds — wink! I'm partciullary obsessed with their branded hashtag that they recently started promoting, #iamfounded, which highlights the power of creatives and that their story matters! Ohhh I just get goosebumps even thinking about that statement — it's true, it's solid, and heck yeah it's passionate!

I can not wait to see this idea transform into a community and a movement over the next couple months, because trust me — it's going to! For now, Avery and her creative co-founder Sarah Furman, are seeking bloggers and writers to contribute and share their stories. If you're interested, you can reach out to the team via email: Also, be sure to check them out on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest for quick boosts of inspiration!