Getting Social with Flora + Fern

If you've seen pictures from any of our workshops, you now how much we love florals! That's why we're so excited to sit down with floral goddess and our SLC workshop sponsor Jacelyn Bolton, owner of Flora + Fern to chat about her work and how social media has changed her business.

Flora and Fern

Can you tell us a little bit about how Flora + Fern came to be - have you always been in love with flowers?

I feel like flowers have always been in my life, in some shape or form. Growing up I remember spending summers in my grandmother's lush green garden, her pink rose bushes were always my favorite. I started Flora + Fern over a year ago when I decided to receive my bachelor’s degree in the study of horticulture. It’s been a lovely ride of ups and downs but I am happy to say it has flourished into something I’m very proud of.

You beautified our Salt Lake City workshop with your amazing arrangements. Can you share a little bit about your creative process and how you decide style your florals for each event?

flora and fern2

I seem to always start with the color palette-- This helps me visualize what flowers will go together, whether it’s a blush pink with a deep marsala, I can then narrow down what flowers are in season and how they may play off each other in an arrangement.

You don’t live in SLC, but you work in Utah and Idaho, you’re a busy boss babe! What is it about the creative community in Utah that inspires you to make the drive?

Oh thank you—it’s definitely not ideal but very worth it! I currently live in a small town in Idaho, which sometimes lacks creative challenges and opportunities so I’ve had to seek out other options. This essentially led me to Utah where I have met some very talented fellow-creatives. The events in Utah have allowed me to explore different outlets and techniques of design—which have strengthened me as a florist.

How has social media had an influence on your business? 

In today’s world social media is a vital tool for a small business owner. It’s the number one way to get your name out there! Social media allows us to connect with others on a level we normally wouldn’t be able to. In a field like floristry it’s an honor to have my portfolio out there for everyone to see. I’m able to receive feedback on my work everyday, which is a really amazing thing! #floraandfern

What is your favorite way to connect with your audience through social media? Are there any platforms you love more than others for your business?

Instagram is my number one right now! It’s the perfect platform for me to showcase my work in a structured but beautiful way. Follow me @jacelynbolton ! ♡

There are a lot of floral designers in the creative industry right now. What do you do with your business to make sure you’re standing out above the noise?

flora and fern 3

There are so many amazing floral designers out there and it can sometimes be incredibly overwhelming! However, for the past two years I have been studying the art of horticulture and all it’s raw beauty. I feel like because I have been able to dedicate time in studying this artistry I have grown a stronger appreciation in the production of flowers. I’ve been able to learn and be tested on why plants grow the way they do and essentially what makes them special. We live in a beautiful world and I hope that through Flora + Fern I can share that.

Is there anything that surprised along the way you as you grew your business that you weren’t expecting?

I was really surprised by how big and friendly the floral community is! We all have different backgrounds and work ethic but in the end of the day we have the prettiest job in the world! #communityovercompetition

If you could go back and give yourself one piece of advice before launching your business, what would it be?

Be patient! Stop worrying about whether people are looking at your work and start making it something worth looking at.

Any exciting plans coming up for Flora + Fern that you can share with us? 

Flora + Fern will be relocating in Spring 2017—stay tuned for details!

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