Getting Social with Amy Cason

Here at social studio shop we absolutely love supporting creatives and listening to their visions and stories. We had the opportunity to cross paths with Amy Cason, floral designer and stylist of Victorian Gardens. Located in the Kansas City area, Amy adds her own flair to some of the most beautiful floral arrangements we have ever seen! Who would have thought that picking flowers from her family’s garden would blossom into something much more? With over 15 years in the industry, she is known to create the ultimate floral experience with designs specifically suited for each of her clients.

We are a sucker for those who have a great eye for art and aesthetics and Amy brings so much of that to the table. This creative genius shares her passion for floral design by offering wedding and event styling services and on top of that, hosting workshops of her very own! Our KC workshop wouldn’t be how we envisioned it without being surrounded by her gorgeous floral creations.

Read below to find out more about the story behind her business and philosophy for design!

You’re a florist based in KC with an elevated take on modern florals. What sort of events do you specialize in + are your favorite to create for?

We specialize in weddings and events. Our favorites are when the bride/client has an overall vision and allows us to create and bring it to life. We love the natural loose garden look when flowers gracefully bend and have flowing movement.

We see that you have hosted floral workshops–tell us about that! What do you teach during these?

I've taught a few different classes. Some in a simple vase design but lately I’ve had several flower crown design classes.

Do you love creating or teaching more?

Both are equally wonderful but I enjoy my solitude and creating floral arrangements has been a way of expressing myself. So teaching has slowly taking me out of my comfort zone. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and helping others learn. Although I still strive to keep learning myself.

How did you get into florals?

I was preparing to save up and go to a Seattle floral school right out of high school when I received a call from a local grocery store looking to train someone in floral design. I spent five years with them training and learning the business. I soon realized I preferred weddings and event so I left and began Victorian Gardens Floral Design.

When did you know this was what you wanted to do for your career?

I grew up on a farm and loved picking all the flowers in my mother and grandmother's gardens. I would work with them until they looked just right in the vases or containers. When I was seven, my mother told me I should do this when I grow up and that is just what I did.

Gorgeous flower arrangement by Amy Cason of @victoriangardens via @social_studio

Where do you find inspiration for your beautiful arrangements?

I love following many designers with my similar taste and style on Instagram. I use bridal magazines from all over the world as my textbooks.

Do you use mood boards/color palettes first or what does your creative process look like?

From there I began building a mood board using photos and ideas from Pinterest, Instagram and magazines. I look for elements that inspire me.

Beautiful rose bouquet by Amy Cason of @victoriangardens via @social_studio

What is your favorite flower(s) & why?

Picking a favorite would be as difficult as choosing a favorite child. But I do have a few flowers that are staples in my designs. Stock, garden roses, and scabiosa help to define my work. Some of these are flowers I grow in my garden and sum up my garden style design.

How do you get the word out about your company?

We are very selective about our clients and believe that not everyone is a perfect fit for our style and process. We prefer to get our name out in magazines and blogs where clients are searching for our particular style and look. They tend to be more trusting of us and the design process.

How long have you been in business?

I started my business around 17 years ago.

What has surprised you most about owning Victorian Gardens?

The change from the traditional flower carbon copy flower shop designs to the hands on creative custom design and styling that goes with building a vision and telling a story.

We just had our last shop in SLC, where the floral/creative market is flooded with incredible creatives! Do you find that to be true here in KC? Or is there less competition?

There is a fair amount of competition but I think we all have our ideal styles. Although, I do find from time to time that my work is no longer unique. This is why I’m constantly refining and growing my creative style.

A bride with her gorgeous bouquet by Amy Cason of @victoriangardens via @social_studio

What’s your favorite social media network and why?

I love Instagram. For someone who is very visual it is stunning to see the work and progress of so many of my floral friends all over the states and even the world.

If you could give other entrepreneurs one tip of advice, what would it be?

"Don’t let anyone talk you out of your dreams no matter how unreachable they may seem." (Tweet this!)

What exciting things do you have in store for 2015?

2015 brought me to Hong Kong and hopefully will be the start of many new adventures. I really enjoyed bringing a little American style to the far east and would love more opportunities like this. Not only did I get a little culture in my world travel but I also got to see some inventive ways the local florist prepared and delivered their creations. No better way to think outside the box than to get outside and explore.

featured image c/o Elana Jadallah | all other images c/o Amy Cason