Getting Social with AMBER REVERIE

Today we have the honor of getting social with AMBER REVERIE Floral and Event Design. Amber is one of those sweet souls that truly makes you thankful for the social world! Our Business Developer, Elana, actually met Amber via Instagram. Her work speaks for itself with whimsy, color & texture. Her talent shines through her well-curated social channels, as does her charming personality! We love that our SLC social studio shop will be beautified by Amber's creative florals. Flowers are something we all love–whether to brighten up our day, to remind us of a special moment or to spread the love–they are just good for the soul. The floral game has been upped in recent years, now becoming its own form of art & Amber is certainly right up there as an artist. We wanted to get to know the woman behind the flowers so she is sharing her passions, advice, story & even her favorite flower! So today, let's stop, smell the roses & read what being a modern-day florist is all about!

You’re a florist based in SLC specializing in incredible, sophisticated arrangements. What sort of events do you specialize in + are your favorite to create for?

I specialize mainly in weddings because that is where my passion lies. My first job as a 14 year old was at a wedding venue, and I have been involved in the industry, in one way or another, since. I thrive on creating art for the most special day in people's lives. There are not many occasions that allow you as much creative expression as your wedding day, and I love the thrill of telling a couple's unique story through the aesthetic of their event.

How did you get into florals & when did you know this was what you wanted to do for your career?

I grew up being surrounded by nature and inherited a strong appreciation of the world around me from my father. I have always been a creative person, devoting my life until I was 18 to my classical training as a dancer. When I was in college, I came to a difficult time in my life when I needed to find a new passion and creative outlet. Walking around my university's campus, I found myself fascinated with the intricate beauty of plants and the art nature creates. Trying to emulate and share that kind of natural beauty is where I found my medium.

Where do you find inspiration for your beautiful arrangements?

I find inspiration everywhere! In my travels, the changing seasons, or things I see people wearing. The properties of a single flower can inspire a whole design. One thing I love about floral design is that my perception of beauty is always evolving. I'm constantly discovering new plants or rediscovering new ways to use others that I might not have been so fond of. Flowers are constantly surprising me! One thing I strongly believe is that you can never run out of creativity or inspiration. There are endless ways of seeing and we only have to be willing to look differently.

What is your favorite flower(s) & why?

This is such a hard question! Asking a florist their favorite flowers is like asking a parent to pick their favorite child. I have a deep love for Hellebore. They have a short season and wilt quickly, but come in muted, muddy pinks, purples, whites and greens that you can't really find in any other flowers. I also think think their fragility only makes me love them more. In almost everything I create, you will find Ranunculus. They are so versatile and come in such a beautiful variety of colors. Wherever I can, I like to forage from local plants. I find some of my favorite textural elements like foliages, berries and grasses simply growing in nature. Using what is growing locally and seasonally also gives my arrangements a sense of belonging in their natural surroundings.

How do you get the word out about your company?

Social media has been my greatest tool in spreading the word about my business. Instagram and Pinterest are where I spend most of my time, because those are the platforms my client demographic utilizes heavily. I am often collaborating with like-minded creatives and vendors on styled editorial shoots. These have been published across many regional and national wedding and lifestyle sites and publications, and are an ideal way to show future clients my aesthetic perspective. It all comes back to social media though, as that is usually where I find my favorite individuals and brands to partner with.

"Social media has been my greatest tool in spreading the word about my business." — Amber Dickson (Tweet this!)

What has surprised you most about owning AMBER REVERIE?

I was surprised to find such a supportive community within a highly competitive industry. For years, I was intimidated by creatives I admired and worried there might be some animosity between creatives whose work, by nature, is derivative. What I've seen is that the opposite is true. Generally, people are helpful and want to work with you, if you only have the courage to ask. Many of the people and brands I was once afraid to approach are now good friends.

What’s your favorite social media network and why?

Hands down, I love Instagram the most. It is so simple and effective, allowing everyone a convenient outlet to share their creative voice. I do love Pinterest, but in a love-hate-relationship sort of way. It is an amazing vehicle for sharing and collecting visual beauty, but people seem to be recreating the same things over and over and calling it original. I guess the same is true with all social networks. Sometime, the most important thing you can do for your brand's social presence is get off for a while. Find you, then share.

If you could give other entrepreneurs one tip of advice, what would it be?

I know it's a cliche, but do what you love. When your heart isn't in what you are trying to achieve, you will have to work harder and likely won't see the same success. I am a self-trained florist, which worked for me because I naturally gravitated to flowers and learning about botanicals and their uses was my hobby. I do have to hustle, since my business is still new, but it doesn't feel like work. It feels like I'd be doing nearly the same things whether or not I was being paid.

What exciting things do you have in store for 2015?

2015 will be a big year for AMBER REVERIE. I will be celebrating my one year anniversary, and bringing on a talented team to help execute even better events. I'm looking forward to some international travel and working with some brilliant people. And later this year, I will be a contributing writer for one of my favorite print wedding and lifestyle publications. And I'm sure there will be many more surprises that are not on my radar yet!

photos c/o Amber Dickson