Getting Social with Onya'e Natural Skincare

This week we sat down with one of our amazing sponsors for our next social studio. Jassy from Onya'e Natural Skincare shares with us her thoughts on inspiration, photo styling, and the importance on setting goals.

Can you tell us about Onya'e Natural Skincare? What's behind the name Onya'e?

All of my skincare items are all handmade by myself with natural ingredients that are nourishing and healing for the skin. There are vegan friendly options and pure essential oils. The name "onya'e" is actually my middle name. I love it and felt like using it was a nice personal touch.

How did you get started with your business?

Back in college I created a fictitious natural skincare line and about 2 years later I wanted to do a more serious approach. I was inspired from eating clean to learning that what goes onto our bodies was just as important. I announced it via social networks what my goal was in 2014 — which was to start this skincare line and I did it. I started researching packaging, materials, ingredients and it all came together nicely.

Where do you find inspiration for your products?

I find inspiration through tumblr, pinterest, and design magazines believe it or not. Something about interior design always inspires me to create a clean, minimal style for my business.

We were lucky enough to connect with you on social media. Is this how you tend to get the word out about your shop?

Oh yes, when I first made my announcement it was on Facebook. And now I use Twitter and Instagram mainly to show new products and behind the scenes before people check out my actual Etsy shop. I feel like without social media, it would be a little tough to get the word out besides word of mouth.

"Without social media, it would be tough to get the word out." (Tweet this!)

What's your favorite social media network and why?

My favorite is Instagram. I love using my photographic skills to show my products. I get to work with lighting, textures and detailed shots and it's always fun editing my photographs quickly on my phone when I don't have time to actually use my camera.

How important is styling in your product photos? How do you maintain a unique look and feel to your photography?

I feel styling is very important. It's a representation of my work and I take it very serious so I try to be neat with the products and labels. Even the "behind the scenes" photographs are carefully styled. What helps me maintain is natural lighting. It's the best thing ever. You can see the photo clearer, it makes editing minimal and it's bright. I always use that and it keeps my photographs consistent.

image c/o Suzanna Stein

If you could give other entrepreneurs one tip of advice, what would it be?

My advice would be is to set a goal and finish it. Make list leading up to your goals and do NOT doubt your ideas and don't over-analyze. Just go for it. If you have an idea play around with it until you start creating a physical object. Read articles, blogs, and follow small business Instagrams for inspiration.

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What exciting things does Onya'e Naturals have in store for us in 2015?

I hope to add new products, a recipe booklet specifically from my line, and possibly an extension line, we shall see I am still planning for it.

portrait and product shot c/o Jassy Onya'e