Getting Social with Juice Saves

This week we're getting social with Lindsay Nader, founder of local juice company, Juice Saves. Lindsay shares with us all the juicy details behind this healthy-conscious and super playful brand. She let's us in on her flavorful secrets, the importance of learning from your customers, and details about a new collaboration with Coffee & Tea Collective.

image c/o Eveleigh

We want to know, what is Juice Saves all about?

Juice Saves is a juice shop serving cold pressed, unpasteurized, raw fruit and vegetable blends as well as house made raw almond milk. Everything is made by hand every day. Our juices are blended for balance in taste as well as nutrition and were created with a culinary sensibility in mind. In addition to our juices we also serve blended drinks, dairy less shakes, morning bowls and salads.

Getting Social with Linday Nader from Juice Saves by @social_studio. Love this San Diego based company with yummy cold pressed juice!
Getting Social with Linday Nader from Juice Saves by @social_studio. Love this San Diego based company with yummy cold pressed juice!

image c/o San Diego Food Finds

How did you get into juicing and when did you know this was what you wanted to make your career out of?

I was raised macrobiotic and have always been health conscious. I was most currently working as a ambassador for Absolut Vodka and was balancing my sometimes late night lifestyle with at home juicing. I began to frequent juice bars and noticed not all the healthy stuff tasted good, so I took a more culinary approach to flavor combinations. I had learned to make cocktails at one of the most famous cocktail bars in the world in NYC, Please Don’t Tell, and had been making craft cocktails for years, so I began balancing juices in the same way.

Your company has such a unique personality, where do you find inspiration?

Our unique personality comes from our lighthearted and accessible approach to juicing. We wanted to keep it simple and not overwhelm our customers with a hard to navigate menu full of supplements no one can pronounce. Instead we injected the menu with some humor, like the “Nib Slip” and “Aloe Vera Wang”. For us it’s not about be the nerdiest juice bar in town, it’s about getting people to try and enjoy raw products and to understand the incredible benefits they impart.

image c/o Juice Saves

We're very excited about your collaboration with Coffee & Tea Collective! How did the idea of a joint location come about?

We had been carrying C&T’s cold brew coffee on draft and our customers loved it. We all got to talking and it just made sense to put kick ass locally roasted coffee and cold pressed juice in one location, gives people a lot of high quality and complimentary options in one spot.

How do you get the word out about your company?

Social media has been a great tool. A lot of people come in and say they saw us on the popular page on Instagram. We really don’t take ads out or anything like that. For us it’s about association and word of mouth. We sample at gyms and yoga studios, we reach out to the kind of customer we think would appreciate the product, we keep close with the craft cocktail community. We have also been very fortunate to have been recently featured in superb publications like San Diego Magazine, Riviera Magazine and Imbibe Magazine.

What's your favorite social media network and why?

Instagram. People respond well to visuals. You can really give followers a sense of your product and aesthetic in one single photo.

If you could give other entrepreneurs one tip of advice, what would it be?

Be adaptable. Listen to your customer, humor their ideas. You can’t make everyone happy, but sometimes small changes and additions go a long way. Understand the value of customer feedback.

"Be adaptable. Listen to your customers. Understand the value of  feedback." (Tweet this!)

What exciting things does Juice Saves have in store for us in 2015?

Our move into the new location! Also we are excited to possibly add some new food items and soon we will roll out a bottled coffee collaboration with C&T collective.