Get Organized with feedly!

What is feedly?

feedly is an RSS reader. It collects RSS feeds from various websites and compiles them into one place. Okay, now what in the world is an RSS feed? An RSS feed is a format many websites with continuously changing content use so readers can access their updates without having to check their website. Since feedly stores all of these different feeds in one location, it is easy to stay up-to-date on the latest news and trends.

feedly is the best way to organize, read, and share content from your favorite websites. (Tweet this!)

This includes blogs, news sites, podcasts, and even YouTube channels. feedly makes it simple to organize your existing sites and to find new sites to add to your feed by listing popular sites in different categories. You can also find sites searching by title, URL, or topic. When adding sites to your feed, you are able to categorize them into different collections so you can filter your entire feed by those topics.

feedly also allows you to easily identify which articles you have already read and save articles to read later. You can easily share articles directly from feedly to your social media accounts using their hotkeys or shortcuts. feedly is synced between your phone, tablet, and computer so you can access your feeds and saved articles from any device.

Three reasons why we love using feedly to stay on top of our favorite blogs, news, and so much more! Seriously ya'll, check this post out! If you aren't currently using feedly – it's a must for curating and sharing content.

3 Benefits of Using feedly

Organize Content From Your Favorite Sites

When you add a new site on feedly you can choose which collection or category you want to add it to. You are then able to browse through articles of a specific collections instead of scrolling through a feed including articles from all your sites. As mentioned,feedly keeps track of articles you have already read and allows you to save articles to read later, so you never miss one!

Find Content To Share

On social media it’s important to generate your own content, but you want to balance that by sharing content from others so it doesn’t seem like you’re just promoting yourself all the time.

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feedly is a great tool to find quality articles to share on social media. You can look through your own established feeds or find new sites or articles by using their search bar or looking at popular sites in a certain category.

Stay Up-To-Date, Wherever You Are

feedly offers a mobile app and it syncs seamlessly with your computer so you are able to access and read articles from any device. This means that you can virtually access feedly anywhere! You get immediate updates so you’re always connected wherever you are. With feedly you will be able to stay up-to-date on the latest news and trends in your field.

Do you use feedly? What are some of your favorite blogs you follow?