Four Questions about SEO Keywording Answered

If “keywording” is more of a tech-term than you’re comfortable with, you’ll want to keep reading. It’s such an important tool that can make a huge difference in the traffic driven to your website (or blog or Twitter profile). Below we answer your questions to help make you a keywording queen!

What is SEO? What is keywording? How does it help drive traffic to my site? How do I choose keywords to use for my brand, blog, or business? These questions and more answered here! Pin now, read later.

What is keywording?

Keywording is an SEO tool that allows your site to be more visible on search engines. Attract the attention you want to have by using words and phrases that are relevant to your brand.

How does it help my site?

When people search the keywords you’ve incorporated, your site will be higher on the search results list. Keywords enable more relevant information to be shared and found. Using keywords in your website and blog helps search engines find you better.

How do I choose keywords to use?

This can be one of the more difficult steps to keywording; but not with the tips we are about to share with you! The free Google Adwords: Keyword Planner is an incredible tool when searching for which keywords to use. The Keyword Planner will help you make the best choice out of a list of synonyms.

Expert tip: The most popular keyword may not actually be the best choice. If you’re a smaller business, you don’t want to be competing with larger brands. In this case, choose a keyword with a more moderate number of searches per month, like 1-1.5 thousand. This will narrow down the search results and make you a bigger fish in a smaller pond!

How do I use them on my site?

There are plenty of ways to incorporate keywords into your website and/or blog. You can even use them in your Twitter profile, like we shared in this post! You can use keywords in your website copy, in meta descriptions, in tags, within in your blog posts, as webpage and blog headings, as well as many other places! If you’re just starting with keywording and want the most bang for your buck, start out with choosing the best keywords for you and including them in your site’s meta description. This is what search engines will display when your site pops up, so you want it to be informative!