Everything a Girl Boss Needs for a Bad Ass Website

You are a total Girl Boss, but your website needs some help and you don’t know where to start.

Before you jump into a DIY theme or start working with a designer, it’s best to plan everything out and brainstorm.  Ask yourself questions such as, what are your goals, who is your audience and what do you want the audience to take away from your site?  Give it some thought and jot down your answers.  This will give you clarity on which pages, and even subpages, to include on your website.  Be sure to keep it simple, but informative; you don’t want to bombard your visitor with too much information.

It's not enough to just have a pretty website anymore. In order to truly connect with your audience and reach your ideal client there are many different components that you'll need to make up the perfect website. Click through to see what web designer + branding expert extraordinaire Jordan Waltz, owner of Studio 9 Co. recommends for a bad ass site. 

Now that you’ve done a little bit of pre-planning, here are some must-haves for a BAD ASS WEBSITE:

Professional Photography

What’s the first thing you notice when you go to a website?  If your answer is “the photography,” then you know how important this is.  Photography can either take your site to the next level or turn away visitors.  If you have the money to invest in photography, do it!  If you have to choose between a custom-designed site or photography, always choose photography.  You can make a website great if you have great photography, but not the other way around.  Photography helps you stand out from the rest, while showing off your style and personality.


Clear Navigation

First impression is key!  Nothing makes you click off of a website faster than a complicated one.  Your viewer should know what you do in a matter of seconds.  Then whatever your website goals are, your viewer should be heading there next.  (If you sell products and your goal is to attract, then buy something, there should be something leading them to the Shop page.  Ex: Shop Button, Images of products in action, etc.)  

Source: Artifact Uprising

About/Photo of You

People like to see your face and feel a connection.  They want to know they are working with or buying from a real person; it builds their trust.  It’s never a bad idea to hire a copywriter, especially for this section.

Source: The Citizenry

Contact Information

This is a no-brainer.  Add your email or use a contact form so people can easily reach you with questions or concerns.  You can do this on a specific contact page, add it to your footer or both.  Don’t forget to add a photo of yourself!  Again, it reinforces you are a real person and not just a computer.

Source: The Citizenry

Instagram Feed OR Blog

If you have an Instagram, show off your feed somewhere on your website.  A lot of people choose to add this in the footer of their website or in place of a blog.  Using both can only benefit you.  Everyone wants to see the behind-the-scene shots.  The more you show, the better your chances are of connecting with someone.

Source: Studio 9 Co.

There is so much you can do with your website, but considering this list of “must-haves” will make for one bad ass website.  

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