8 Pinterest Boards Every Blogger Should Follow

When Pinterest first came on the scene it was an amazing place to find recipes, cute winter outfits and maybe a new hairstyle to bring to your salon next week. While it’s still perfect for all of that, Pinterest has become a wonderful resource for learning and sharing as well. Anything you want to find a resource for, it’s probably on Pinterest. So, as a blogger, take advantage of this!

Use Pinterest to learn from other bloggers and expand your community! I’ve rounded up some of my favorite Pinterest boards to follow for blogging inspiration, so be sure to check them out and follow along for inspiration!

Pinterest is such a valuable resource for bloggers to learn + improve their blogging skills. Instead of spending your time searching for articles, let them come to you! Here are 8 Pinterest boards every blogger should follow to boost their skills + find new connections.

This is a spot for experienced bloggers to chat with other pros and share tips, resources, and what helps them be successful. This board definitely has a “professional” feel to it, so it’s great for those really look for some extra help!

Want to participate? Email sue@successfulblogging.com for an invite


Blogging Resources

blogging resources pinterest board

This board is hosted by Educators' Spin On It, and their team curates a large pool of resources for bloggers including everything from blog topics, social media tips and graphic design. This is a great catch-all group for those of you looking for a wide variety of tips.


SEO: Tips + Tricks

SEO Tips blogger board

SEO is an incredibly important element to any successful blog. If you need a quick brush up, make sure to read this blog post - SEO Basics Every Blogger Should Know. SEO is one of those aspects that is constantly evolving, so you’ll need to stay up to date! Following along with an SEO Pinterest board can help make sure you’re not missing anything!


Grow Your Blog

grow your blog pinterest board

This board is a great one for new bloggers who are looking to expand their reach and grow their audience. The content pinned on this board is all about the best tips and tricks for growing your brand, increasing traffic, and monetizing your blog. It’s a good variety of everything a blogger needs in order to have a successful online presence.


Blog Tips + Social Media Tips

blog tips and social media tips board

This board is a little more niched down for bloggers who especially want to utilize social media to grow their blog and boost their traffic. There are tons of great posts covering topics such as analytics, editorial and content calendar, blog designs and website platforms. It’s closed to new contributors, but definitely still follow along so you can benefit from everyone’s expertise!


The Blogging Collective

the blogging collective board

Looking for a way to just get your content out there? This board is open to all bloggers and is a catch-all for everyone to share their new posts. One of the things I like best about this board as opposed to niched down board such as “Lifestyle Bloggers” is you aren’t competing with a lot of similar topics and therefore expanding your reach to new potential viewers!

To join this board to contribute, send an email to jomygosh@gmail.com


Blog Photography

blog photography pinterest board

I love this board for finding new tips + tricks for photography and photo styling my blog photos. There’s something for everyone, even if you’re a beginner photog. Are you a food blogger or looking to create the perfect flat lay? This board is for you!

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Blogging Tips

social studio shop blogging tips

If you love the Social Studio Shop blog, make sure to follow along with our blogging tips board and everything else! You know we are always here for you as a resource for all things social, blogging + girl boss!

Do you have any boards you absolutely love? Be sure to share them with us in the comments!

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