8 Instagram Features Your Brand Should Know About

Instagram: the ultimate social platform that all of you boss babes a d o r e. From sharing candid shots to connecting with other like-minded ladies, it is the by far one of the most fun ways to stay social. But are you taking advantage of this platform for your brand? Since Instagram for Business rolled out it has become even more of an essential piece in the social media marketing puzzle. There are features new & old within the platform that you absolutely need to know about to ensure you are optimizing your brand’s success on IG.

Instagram has been rolling out all kinds of new features lately. Are you utilizing them the best way possible for your brand? Click through to see our new favorite Instagram features and how you can use them strategically to grow your business!

Tell a Story

Snapchat has some competition now that Instagram stories have launched. Not only can you share in-the-moment shots with your followers, you can also share images + videos from your camera roll that have been taken in the past 24 hours. 11 Creative Ways To Use Instagram Stories For Business [E-Book Included!]

Track your Progress

Arguably one of the most significant feature that comes with a business profile is the ability to track the analytics of your posts. Understanding how your audience responds to each post is vital in crafting your boss babe strategy for future posts. Discover more about Instagram Insights here.

Feed Yummy Content

Goodbye to scrolling through your feed in chronological order and hello to seeing what you want to see. The new Instagram algorithm allows your ideal dreamies to see your posts first. In the world of girl bosses, change can often be a positive thing, so learn to embrace this change!

Get Noticed

Worried your dreamies may still miss your posts? Encourage them to turn on post notifications so that each time you post they will get a little reminder to head over to your profile to check it out. In order for someone to turn on notifications for you, they will need first go to your profile, tap the three black dots in the upper righthand corner, and click the last option “turn on post notifications”.

Save Yourself from Distractions

This feature has been long awaited and we l o v e it. I often find myself crafting a post to perfection but get distracted by puppy cuddles or refilling my coffee cup yet again. Lucky for me, Instagram now lets you save your half-written post and return to it when you are fully caffeinated. When you exit mid-sentence, IG will ask you if you would like to discard or save as draft, simple!

Be Direct

DMs may be a “been there, done that” feature for most, but it can be one a the most overlooked tools for connecting with your audience, making connections, and ultimately selling yourself + your brand. For example, let’s say you spot a potential dreamie whose content you absolutely adore and think could be a good fit for your brand. Reach out and express your love of her content, simply sparking a friendly conversation can result in an eventual sale.

Find Yourself

Let your followers know what cute little coffee shop you’re sipping your latte + get noticed by the shop & others in the area at the same time by tagging your location in your post.


This one will not be the right fit for everyone, but Instagram Ads can be a good tool to use if you have the budget + need for them. Not sure if they are right for you? Hop on over to this post where we share Four Questions To Ask Yourself Before Paying For Instagram Ads.

& there you go, the inside scoop on how to utilize Instagram like an absolute girl boss. Your brand will thank you, we promise.