7 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Girl Boss Office

Spring has sprung and you know what that means, Socialites…Spring cleaning! Am I the only one that gets excited about that? Oh well. For me, spring cleaning is about resetting + refreshing for the loveliest time of the year. One of the areas of my house that I always make sure to tackle first when Spring arrives is my office. Even if you don’t have a designated office, organizing your workspace can completely shift the way you work + increase productivity! Whether your home office is a hot mess or maybe just needs a bit of a refresh, organizing your workspace is the best way to set yourself up for a productive season. Here are 7 of my top Spring Cleaning organization tips to set up your office in style.

Spring is here and it's time to get organized! Your office or workspace is the hub of your business so it's no exception to Spring cleaning! See our handy checklist and make sure your space is organized, clean and set up for success. 

Make a list

Before you do anything, make a list of items you use every single day when you’re working. This will help you prioritize your organization + see what’s really just taking up extra space.

Declutter the junk

Stating the obvious here. To truly feel like you’re starting off fresh, I highly recommend you clear off and clean out your workspace. This means taking everything off the top of your desk and inside of your drawers so you can identify exactly what you have, what needs to be tossed, and what you need to restock.

Make a Mood or Vision Board

Whether it’s a “secret” board or not, we’ve all got our dream office somewhere in the Pinterest-sphere. If you haven’t created one yet, go ahead and do that first. After you’ve created a board full of inspiration, pinpoint the themes - this can be colors, styles, patterns, anything that you’re seeing repeat on your board. This will give you a good idea of what your subconscious is really looking for in your perfect dream office.

Create a System

Now that you’ve pared down the clutter and are left with your girl boss essentials, it’s important to create a system that will operate not only effectively on a day-to-day basis, but consistently! My best piece of advice? Make sure every last item in or on your desk has a specific “home”. This can be everything from your pens, your chargers, client files, etc. If you get used to putting all of these items back in their designated “home”, you’ll keep an organized system that will last well beyond Spring.

Find storage that speaks to you

Storage boxes are the perfect way to add style, color + pattern while corralling (and hiding!) your clutter. I like to use pretty labels as well to ensure that my storage is not only stylish, but organizational and effective.

Don’t forget Digital

Just because your physical office is clean doesn’t mean you’re done! We’re a digital society and almost everything we do for our business or brand is on our computer, so we can’t let that organization fall to the wayside as well. Now’s a good time to comb through your files, photos, and everything in your Dropbox to make sure it’s still relevant and in the right spot.

Add Fresh Flowers

Ok, this may seem like a silly one, but hear me out. Fresh flowers brighten up every room, and your girl boss office is no exception. I’m not talking extravagant bouquets every week, but swing by your local grocery store or farmer's market and grab a small bunch of flowers. I don’t spend more than $6 a week on my flowers, but they make all the difference in tying it all together!

If you want a step-by-step guide to make sure you don't miss anything, download our Girl Boss Spring Cleaning Checklist below!

Ok, boss babe, your office is clutter-free, organized, stylish and ready for some serious work to get done. Happy Spring!