6 Ways to Spring Clean Your Social Media Strategy

Spring. Sprang. Sprung. Well, Socialites, Spring is here and you know what that means...spring cleaning! Wait, am I the only one excited about this? Well, if you don’t love physically cleaning like I do, maybe you’ll enjoy tackling some fresh new ways to spruce up your social media strategy for the upcoming seasons.

Spring has sprung which means it's time for spring cleaning! Learn what six easy tasks you can do to spring clean your social media strategy, revitalize your content and engage your audience for the new seasons ahead!

Now before you pick up the Windex, let’s dive into a few simple things you can do to spring clean your social media and get off to a fresh start:

1. Start with your workspace.

Ok, I tricked you. I mean, a clean workspace is a happy workspace, right? You’re going to do your best work if your area is energized and tidy. I won’t harp on the cleaning thing for too long, I’ll just point you in the direction of this previous blog post — 7 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Girl Boss Office.

2. Check your analytics

Do you know where your metrics currently stand? Springtime is the perfect time to do a complete evaluation of each platform you’re on to determine where you’re ranking. This will also help you figure out where your plan of attack should be and which platforms need the most TLC as you clean. Here are a few helpful posts to get you started if analytics are a bit overwhelming:

Another super helpful resource for this is the latest #InspireConnectGrow podcast episode! In episode 006, our founder and lead social strategist, Jessica Howell, breaks down everything you need to know to track YOUR social success.

3. Update your style guide

Depending on how in-depth you previously were in your style guide, this might be a good opportunity to update it with more detailed information. The more specific, detailed, and elaborate you are – the better. Focus in on your branding, color schemes, emoji uses, everything! Create a streamlined system your followers will love to see during every season.

4. Evaluate your content calendar

My advice is to always plan your content, both social and editorial, like you would if you worked in a magazine. You want your content to be in line with themes and seasons, right? If you’re staying current with your content calendar and providing consistently relevant content, your readers will find it so much more valuable than sporadic posts.

5. Streamline your contact info

Now’s a great time to check for any broken links on your social channels or make sure your bio is up to date and cohesive across all of your platforms. For branding’s sake, make sure your cover and profile photos are similar across the board to maintain cohesion and familiarity with your audience. Your bio and featured photos should all be relatively the same, just with minor tweaks in length and appearance for each platform.

6. The logistics

If it has been awhile, update your recovery email and change your passwords! Always better safe than sorry, in my opinion! Keeping the same password you’ve had since middle school on all of your accounts is only asking for trouble.

See, nothing too intense! It just requires a little bit of time and elbow grease, but before you know it your social media strategy will be sparkling like new!

Samantha Welker Little Petunia Consulting