6 Ways to Make Your Audience Fall in Love with Your Brand

As we enter into the season of love and baby cupids, it’s a great time to evaluate who you are as a brand and what keeps your followers coming back for more. Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon said, “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room”. Don’t you want people to be saying only lovely things? Well we’re about to break down for you the six ways to make your audience fall in love with your brand not only for Valentine’s Day, but all year round!

Make your followers fall in love with your brand


Find the Right Hashtag for Your Brand

A Beautiful Mess is a lifestyle blog with a loyal following of over 330,000 followers, and growing daily. How are two sisters from the midwest able to do this? By capitalizing on their handle, ABM has cultivated over a dozen individual hashtags that encompass a     community drawn towards all things DIY, handmade, and bursting with color. You can hashtag #ABMlifeissweet for a picture of your sprinkled donut, or #ABMlifeiscolorful for that gorgeous sunset snap you took yesterday. Either way, you’re automatically entered into a community of like-minded followers who are all flocking to the same hashtags for the same reasons. Not sure what the right hashtag is for you? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our easy course on How to Develop a Successful Hashtag Strategy.

Watermelon cookies! @hol_fox is the best. 🍪🍉 #ABMlifeissweet

A photo posted by Elsie + Emma A Beautiful Mess (@abeautifulmess) on

Quality over Quantity

Just because you took a picture, doesn’t mean you have to post it, right? Before you hit that share button, ask yourself, does this represent me and my brand in the best way possible? Your audience follows you for a reason, whether that be the content you’re providing or the overall aesthetic of your brand. Consistency is key in creating an audience that keeps comin’ back for more!

Get Chatty

Personally, I’ve followed accounts for years and have always been engaged on their media with zero in return. It kind of stings, right? Like, are you really too cool to respond to comments from your audience? The answer is, you’re not. If your audience is actively engaging with you, respond! Not only will it humanize your brand, it will build loyalty and trust with your audience.

Dig a little Deeper

Find out who your audience is. Think about it like it were a first date, you wouldn’t just sit there talking about yourself the whole time, would you? Hopefully not (but that might explain why Tinder isn’t going so well). Take the time to ask questions and do some research. It might just get you a second date.

Join Forces with a Cause You Believe In

Are you constantly posting pictures of your chocolate lab or retweeting adorable rescue dogs available for adoption? Utilize that passion and link up with a cause for the greater good. Not only does it allow your audience to learn more about you and your interests, but it builds trust. Plus, who doesn’t want to use their following to help little puppies?

Create Beautiful Content

This is pretty basic. It’s competitive out there in terms of photography and aesthetics. Producing gorgeous images and content will give you a leg up on similar brands. Plus, there’s something about a clean, well-edited image that shows your audience that you’re willing to put the time and effort into your brand and that it wasn’t an afterthought. Photography not your strong suit? No worries, we can teach you how to create amazing images with just a smartphone!

So there you have it, social babes! 6 easy ways to make your users fall in love with your brand.

Happy posting, lovebirds!

Samantha Welker Make Your Audience Fall in love with your brand