6 Tips for Collaborating with Brands on Social Media

It has finally happened. You’ve met someone special on Instagram and you’re ready to take the next step...a brand collaboration! Great! Whether you’re a blogger or business owner, the steps for collaborating with another brand are fairly similar. It’s a delicate relationship, but can be mutually beneficial for both parties if done correctly. Keep reading to see our tips on how to collaborate with other brands on social media.

If you're thinking about collaborating with other brands on social media, yay! It's a great way to build partnerships + creating lasting friendships. But before you launch that collaboration, make sure you check out our 6 tips for making it a success!

1. Align Your Values

This is such a crucial step that is often skipped because brands get excited about utilizing the other for their own personal growth. Just because someone wants to collaborate with you doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Before you commit to anything, make sure your core values align with theirs and that you are on the same page about what it is your brands stand for. This will make communication and implementation so much easier throughout the collaboration process. If you’re unsure how to do a core values check, read this blog post first + get a little refresher!

2. Do a Brand Assessment

Don’t collaborate with a brand that you aren’t actively familiar with. You’re going to be directing your audience to their social platforms, so it’s so important that you respect that trust your audience has in you and only direct them towards brands you truly believe in. Since you’re likely going to be sharing about similar content, make sure the brand you are collaborating with is on your level in terms of content, graphics, imagery, etc. You don’t want to align yourself with any brands who aren’t as detailed and polished as you are!

image via @laceandlikes

3. Create a Media Kit

One way to make sure everyone is on the same page is to create a media kit for your collaborations. A media kit should include everything a potential collaborator would need to know about your blog or business. It’s essentially a resumé, but for your website. This can mean a variety of things, such as your blog’s topics, statistics, graphics, click to tweet’s, and more!

4. Put a Contract in Place

I can’t stress this enough, boss babes! E s p e c i a l l y  if you’re a blogger or a brand and there is any kind of monetary compensation involved. A contract will outline expectations and make sure your tuckas is covered in case anything goes haywire. Contracts need to be in place for sponsored posts, giveaways, social media promotions, product reviews, you name it. If a brand is asking you to do it, get everything in writing first! This also goes both ways - if you’re the one initiating the collaboration, it’s just as important for you to outline your expectations so the deliverables are met and everyone is happy!

5. Craft a Schedule

This goes in line with setting expectations and deliverables, but by having a detailed schedule in place for your collaboration you’re helping both sides feel less stressed and more excited about the whole thing. This will also help you gauge how much work you’ll be expected to put into it throughout the duration of the collab.

image via @gunnandswain

6. Have fun with it!

Collaborations are a great way to expand your audience and build your network of creative boss babes. Use this opportunity to meet new people and showcase your skills to a new audience base. You only get one first impression, so make it count!

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