6 Pinterest Scheduling Platforms That Will Change Your Social Game

Let’s face it, you’re a busy gal and as much as you want to devote your entire self to your social media efforts, sometimes real life and obligations get in the way. Enter the magic that is social scheduling platforms. You’ve probably already heard about our love and devotion for Instagram scheduling platform, Later (formerly Latergramme) but if not, you can read our review here.

Six Pinterest scheduling platforms that will change your social game! Click through to learn more and see our helpful comparison guide.

But today I wanted to share some thoughts on a more elusive platform - Pinterest! Now, when you think about Pinterest a lot of people automatically assume it’s one of the easier platforms to manage because you simply need to click a “pin it” button and your content is shared with the world…well, I hate to burst your bubble, Socialite, but that’s not the case. Pinterest requires just as much strategy and planning as any other platform and, if used the right way, can be a huge traffic source for your website or blog! Check out our comparison of some of the biggest and most popular Pinterest scheduling platforms and see which one might work best for you!


Definitely one of the more well-known Pinterest scheduling platforms out there, Tailwind offers extensive optimization and analytics for serious bloggers. You can schedule multiple pins at once and track your repins, likes, comments, traffic, etc. Because the analytics are so extensive, there’s a bit of a learning curve with the website, especially if you’re not typically an analytical person. But if you love digging into those numbers and charts, this could be perfect for you!

Key Features

  • Unlimited Smart Pin Scheduling

  • Measure Pin Success

  • Basic Profile + Board Metrics

Price: $9.99/month + a free trial with 100 pins (no expiration)


ViralWoot is a combination of a Pinterest scheduling platform and an online community. Once you join ViralWoot your Pinterest profile is automatically shared with the other users on ViralWoot and they can then follow you on Pinterest. They don’t currently offer any analytics, but there’s a promise that they are soon coming. However, you can manage multiple accounts and create pin alerts when your content is being repinned.

Key Features

  • Gain new Pinterest followers

  • Promote Pinterest Pins

  • Manage Multiple Accounts

  • Schedule Pins w/ Bookmarklet

  • Create Pin Alerts

Price: Free


Buffer seems to be like Tailwind’s little brother. They offer all the same features, with the options for a business or “Awesome” account that includes richer analytics and team member collaborations, which would be great for small businesses.

Key Features

  • Schedule content from the Buffer Dashboard or the Buffer browser extensions

  • Connect multiple social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin

  • Filter and sort Pinterest data

Price: $10/month + free 30-day trial


For a long time, Ahology was an elusive Pinterest scheduler, mostly due to the year-long wait list they had while still in beta mode. Similarly to ViralWoot, they offer a community pool of posts from fellow members that you can choose from. Instead of choosing your times, Ahology automatically schedules your pins to optimize pinning time. They will also shuffle any photos or content from the same source so that your audience doesn’t see repeat pins at once.

Key Features

  • Schedules and shuffles content for effective pinning

  • Insights into Pinterest trends

  • Analytics and Optimization

Price: Free, but there is still a wait list


One of the things I automatically liked about BoardBooster is their disclaimer against spam. They monitor all Pin activity, enforce strict limits on frequency and repetitiveness, and remove all violators. Love that! BoardBooster works by setting up secret boards that feed your personal boards. One of their unique features is their ability to create a pinning campaign for you that offers a virtual “campaign manager” and helps keep your organized.

Key Features

  • Schedule Pins

  • Streamline group board contribution with campaigns

  • Test Pin quality for broken links, duplicates, etc.

  • Optimized board clean up

Pricing: $5.00 for 500 pins/month + the first 100 pins are free.


Not to be confused with ViralWoot, ViralTag is not dedicated solely to Pinterest, but can schedule all your other social media channels as well. One of my favorite features of this platform is their integration with Canva, which allows you to create images in the dashboard. It’s definitely the priciest of all the platforms, but you would be able to cancel the other scheduling subscriptions you have.

Key Features

  • Schedule pins and posts to multiple platforms

  • Advanced browser extensions

  • Bulk uploads, post cloning, image editing, etc.

  • Shared social media calendar

Pricing: $29/month + 14 day free trial

Or, write an honest review of ViralTag on your website/blog + get 6 months free.

So whether you’re looking for a platform that will make your life a little bit easier, or maybe looking for a complete overhaul of how you manage your social postings, there’s probably a platform out there for you!