6 Must-Have Apps for Busy Bloggers

I remember the days when sitting down to write a blog post on a Saturday afternoon was a luxurious experience. I’d make myself a nice cup of coffee and nestle up in my cozy workspace with a fully charged macbook, ready to fully devote my attention. Well, those days are behind me now. With the combination of motherhood, working + running a business, it’s almost impossible to sit down, let alone make as much time as I would like for crafting a blog post.

If you're constantly running around like I am, you may start to neglect your creative outlets such as your blog. Instead of abandoning your passions, find a way to make it work for you! See which apps + tools we recommend for the busy blogger on-the-go!

Blogging is a wonderful creative outlet and rather than give it up I have found a few ways to streamline and make blogging “on the go” work for me and my schedule. This means relying heavily on apps to craft and market my blog posts. It really is a win-win situation, I’m not tethered to a desk, but I also get to keep pursuing my extracurricular creative passions! Here are some of the apps that have helped me keep my blog up and running while balancing a busy life.

Google Drive

I keep my entire life on Google Drive. I love this app because it allows me to have access to all different types of files I might need for blogging - documents, photos, PDFs, etc. all at my fingertips. I also love that my blog posts are backed up safely so there’s no risk of losing them. It’s also great it you work with a team or an editor so that you can easily share documents and review comments before publishing.


I can’t tell you how many times I have been out and about and thought “oh, that would be a great idea for a blog post!”…only to completely forget about it a few hours later. That’s not an issue anymore since installing Evernote! What I love about this app is that you’re able to create notes and notebooks that will seamlessly sync across all of your devices. So if you are out and about and a brilliant idea strikes, you’ll have it ready for you when you get back home and are ready to write!

A Color Story

Disclaimer: I am not a photographer. I’ve always been so jealous of bloggers who are also amazing at photography because it just enhances the overall experience of your blog posts and certainly drives more traffic if you have captivating images. Not this girl. I’m a smartphone photographer so I rely heavily on tricks + apps to make my photos pop. One of my favorite apps to edit photos with is A Color Story, from the girls at A Beautiful Mess. I love that you can save your workflows so that your images will have a consistent look without taking too much time going through the editing process. It’s a major timesaver! If you’re a non-photographer like me but want to know more secrets and tips for creating beautiful images for your blog, check out our online course - Photography 101 + Photo Styling

Google Analytics

If you don’t have Google Analytics installed on your blog, stop reading and do it. No, seriously. Google Analytics is key for anyone who is really serious and passionate about their blog. It gives you the most comprehensive breakdown of your users, traffic, and referrals - far more than standard analytics that might come with your platform such as Blogger or Squarespace. The Google Analytics app is so great for helping you monitor your blog on the go and see how your posts are performing! If analytics are a little outside of your realm, no worries! We break it down for you in this blog post, Getting Started with Google Analytics.


A common theme you’ll notice in our blog posts is our branding. While some of the girls on our team are Photoshop experts, I am not. Hello, Canva! Having this app at my fingertips helps me create graphics and images for my blog posts that are consistent with my branding and also optimal image sizes. If you’re out and about and realize you forgot to share your latest post on Instagram, no problem! Just open up Canva, upload your photo + get crafty!


Ah, SEO. It’s such a foreign language sometimes, isn’t it? If you’re not fluent in search engine optimization, don’t fret. Check out this blog post, SEO Basics Every Blogger Should Know, before continuing.

Ok, welcome back! When you’re blogging you should be writing with SEO basics in mind, including keywords and phrases. This handy little app helps you track your SEO progress so you know how your post is performing and what you might need to adjust moving forward. One of my favorite things about this app is that you can save snapshots of your stats and compare it using the timestamps. So handy!

You can’t fake good content, but you can certainly streamline some of your systems and make the whole experience work for your lifestyle. So what do you think, bloggers? Are there any tools + apps you use to make your blogging life a little easier and a little more mobile? Let us know!