5 Ways to Share the Love with Your Followers on Social Media

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and love is in the air! What better time of year to share the love with your online community of fellow boss babes and creatives? We are so lucky to have a little corner of the socialsphere where we can connect with those we wouldn’t necessarily meet if it weren’t for technology. So how can you share the love with your followers this Valentine’s season?

Looking for some fun + creative ways to share the love with your followers this Valentine's Day? We're sharing some of our favorite ways to engage with our audience during the season of love and all year round! Click through to read more + see what you can do to spread the love!

1. Host a giveaway

What better way to show you care than with a giveaway! Use this time to share the love with current followers and gain some new ones by hosting a giveaway on your social channels. Whether you give away one of your own products or services or you team up with other brands, this is the perfect way to connect with your audience during the season of love.

2. Create some freebies

Have you been sitting on some killer content that would make an amazing e-book? Or maybe you’re ready to launch your very first online course? Let your followers be the first to know by creating a free opt-in on your site or blog. Free resources are a great way to expand your reach while giving your audience a little treat in return.

3. Host an Instagram Live Q/A

Your audience follows you for a reason -- they want to see more of you! Utilize the new Instagram Live feature as a way to get some quality face time in with your audience. Hosting a Q/A session is a great way to get real time engagement with your followers and also give a little something back to them. If you need more tips on Instagram Live, be sure to check out this blog post >>> Why Your Brand Should be on Instagram Live.

4. Engage with Your Followers

You should be doing this anyways (*nudge nudge*), but Valentine’s Day is a great time to spread a little extra love...literally. Head on over to your most engaged followers’ social channels and give the love right back. Engage on their content + let them know there’s a real person behind your brand! Not only will it humanize you but it will help build loyalty among your followers as well.

5. Showcase your followers on your social channels

Have you ever seen our “Socialite of the Month” feature? It’s one of our favorite ways to spread the love by showcasing our past and current Socialites to our audience. Not only do we get to share about boss babes we love, it increases their exposure as well. It’s a win-win! Highlight a few of your followers on your accounts as an easy way to spread some Valentine’s cheer + show your gratitude for their love!

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to just be about chocolates and flowers (although those are very important). It’s a great time to reflect on all the love in the world, both in person and through a phone screen. We’re so grateful for our Social Studio Shop audience -- we love you all year round!

Samantha Welker