5 Ways Facebook Insights Can Improve Your Facebook Page

Once you have created a Facebook page, there is a dashboard called Facebook Insights that allows you to see the data of your page over a 7-day span. This data will help you get a better understanding of what works and doesn’t work for your page and helps you grow your page to bigger success. So what is this data and how do we analyze it, you ask?

5 ways you can use Facebook Insights to improve your page by @social_studio (Tweet this!)

Compare past posts success

Once you have posted on your page, then what? With the ‘Posts’ tab you are able to compare every post’s reach, like, comments, and link clicks if you included one. This is a great tool to see which posts are doing well. Whether it is pictures, links, or text posts, you can see which ones are getting the most engagement form your audience so you can focus on what works to maximize that engagement.

Know your audience

It is also important to know whom you are talking to when writing your posts. With the ‘People’ tab, you can see the demographics of the people your posts are reaching as well as who is engaged. Knowing this information can help you form your posts to better connect with your audience.

Get more from each post

There have been a few references to your “reach”. Just to be clear, that is the number of people your post was shown to on their Facebook newsfeed. The more people that are engaged with posts through likes, comments, and shares, the more people it is exposed to. When looking at the ‘Reach’ tab, this is useful data to get an overall view of when your reach is at its highest and lowest. If you notice an extreme high in reach, you can click on the graph to see which post received that reach. This will help you create more similar content that is excelling to maintain your high reach and keep it growing.

Keep your fan base growing

Under the ‘Visits’ tab, there is a graph for external referrers. This data is beneficial in understanding where your page views are coming from on the Internet. Did you share your Facebook page on a Twitter or personal blog? This can help determine the best way to increase people coming to your page and viewing your content. The more the better, right?

Make sure people see your post

So now that you know what you are going to be posting, when should you post it? In the ‘Post’ tab you can also see when there are the most active users during the day. You can use this to determine the best time it is to post for your page to make sure your audience is online and ready to engage. As stated earlier, the more engagement, the more people will see the post. It’s like a cycle, or rather, an algorithm!

Overall, Facebook Insights is a great tool to develop the right posts for your page to gain a bigger audience and increase the success of your page!