5 Tips to Create a Beautifully Branded Instagram

Have you ever followed an Instagram account because you love seriously every single image they post? These accounts are the perfect example of a branded Instagram. It isn’t a fluke that you love everything they post - there’s a lot of thought and strategy that goes into creating a cohesive, branded Instagram account.

Create a beautifully branded Instagram and establish loyalty and trust with your audience. Click through to see 5 tips for how to apply your brand cohesively to your Instagram account. 

So why do you need to “brand” your Instagram? Well, not only does it increase your followers, but it helps you increase loyalty and familiarity, two of the most important components of a successful brand. If you’re using Instagram as the main platform for connecting with your audience, then taking the time and effort to create a consistent brand is a must! With these tips, by the end of this post your followers should be able to recognize any of your photos when scrolling through their feed without even reading who posted it!

Pick a Color Palette

As a business or blog, you should have a pretty solid grasp on your branding, including your color palette. If you haven’t zeroed in on the branding for your business yet, stop right here and read this blog post - 4 Reasons Why You Absolutely Need a Cohesive Brand. Once you’ve settled on your branding, pick your color palette and stick to it. It will make your life so much easier when deciding what to post. No more second guessing if it fits in with your aesthetic or if your audience will respond to it, because it’s already a streamlined part of your branding process!

Develop an Editing Process

Everyone has a go-to app and filter they love for their photos. For me, I adore A Color Story and the “Fresh” pack because I want bright whites and vibrant colors throughout my feed. This is another process that will not only create a cohesive brand for your Instagram feed, but will also cut back on time and energy when posting. Once you’ve found the editing process you love, stick with it and make sure to edit all of your photos in the same manner so that your entire feed is cohesive and beautiful.

Cherry Pick Your Content

If you’re a girl boss who is currently using her Instagram to showcase her products or services, make sure everything you post is inline with the overall theme of your content. This is also a good time to decide if you’ll be mixing in any personal posts along with your business posts, because that will have an effect on what you post as well. It’s a good idea to pick 4-6 themes for your feed and use those as the prompts for your posts For example, if you’re a fashion blogger, your themes might be - 1. full outfit posts, 2. selfies of you with new clothing items, 3. interior shots of stores and boutiques, 4. close ups of accessories and outfit details.

Schedule Your Content

Have you ever wondered how some of your favorite accounts have posted gorgeous images before you’ve even had your coffee in the morning? Girl, it’s all about scheduling, scheduling, scheduling! Having a branded Instagram doesn’t happen overnight, nor does it come easily. You’ve got to put work into and that includes thinking ahead. We recommend planning out at least a week in advance so you have plenty of time to capture and edit your photos and make sure everything is cohesive as a whole. Never scheduled Instagram posts before? No worries! We make it super easy for you to plan ahead with our (instant download!) content calendar. We also recommend using Later (formally known as Latergramme) together with our content calendar to "schedule" your posts in advance. 

View Your Feed as a Whole


The first 9 photos of your feed are known as a “cover story” and are essentially the first impression your audience has of your account. Having a consistent cover story is key for any girl boss who is trying to grab the attention of new visitors and increase your audience following. One thing to keep in mind here is your layout. If you’re going to use apps like Afterlight to add a white border to your images, you need to do that for the rest of them as well. It’s also a good idea to pick whether you like portrait or landscape for your image layouts, as that will increase the overall cohesiveness as well. Before you post an image to your account, step back and look at your cover story. Take in the aesthetic, layout, content, and ask if the image you’re ready to post will fit in with the visual story you are telling. If the answer is yes, yay! Post away! If not, it might be better to save that image for the sake of consistency.

Your Instagram feed is a wonderful way to tell your story. Whether you’re sharing a personal one, a business or a blog, this is your opportunity to convey a visual story to your audience. By creating a branded Instagram account, you’re building trust and loyalty among your followers, and that’s a major boss babe move!