5 Things to Do Before Launching a Social Media Giveaway

Aren’t giveaways amazing? They are so much fun to host + they are killer for increasing engagement and growing your following on social media. But whether you’re a seasoned pro or you’re getting ready to launch your very first giveaway, there are a few ducks you need to have in a row in order for it to be legit. Set yourself up for success + host a badass giveaway with these key steps:

Whether you're getting ready to host your very first giveaway on social media, or you're looking for a way to boost engagement on your next one, be sure to have all your ducks in a row! We're sharing 5 key steps to hosting a successful social media giveaway and even included a free checklist to help you along the way!

Outline the parameters

What kind of giveaway will you be hosting? Will it be based on likes? On comments? Decide what exactly the parameters are going to be and then cross all your t’s + dot your i’s. Having clearly defined terms will help the whole process go much smoother and will alleviate any questions from your participants. The easier you make it, the more engagement you will have!

Make it Legal

Instagram is all about the disclaimers these days. If you’re going to host your giveaway on Instagram, you will have to acknowledge that the promotion isn’t sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Instagram. This is a fairly new disclaimer, which probably means they ran into one too many issues with giveaways in the past and don’t want to be held responsible. Giveaways that require a like, comment, tag or repost (or a combination of these) are pretty straightforward. If you’re hosting a giveaway like this that doesn’t require a lot of rules, then it’s best to display your rules in the caption of your Instagram image.

Set a schedule

You know how much we love content planning! Before picking a start date for the contest, give yourself enough time to get the prizes ready, and to iron out any other details.

You then need to decide on how long the giveaway will run for (bear in mind the date that you want to announce the winner). This will depend on a number of factors. If your only marketing will be boosting the post on your chosen platform, there’s not too much to consider.

If you’re aiming for particularly lofty goals, and promoting the giveaway in many different ways, you’ll want to give yourself more time. For instance, if you’ve convinced a few industry leaders to promote your giveaway on their blogs and social profiles, you may find the giveaway running for much longer than on a single platform.

Check your stats

You’ll want to know how successful the giveaway is after it’s over, right? Before you launch, check all your social and blog stats to set some baseline numbers. This will help you see how much growth you accumulated during the giveaway! Some metrics to keep in mind:

  • Social media followers

  • The amount of engagement you currently receive

  • Unique visits to your site

  • Number of inbound links

  • The size of your mailing list (and its conversion rate)

Decide how winners will be chosen

The last giveaway I hosted was so overwhelmingly successful I honestly wasn’t prepared for the amount of entries I received. Previously, it had been easy enough to just pull a name out of a hat. Find a tool such as Random Name Picker to use once the giveaway is closed so you can quickly select your winner. Keep it fair + truly random! Playing favorites just isn’t cool to your followers.

All it takes is a little preparation to make sure your Instagram giveaway is a complete success. Your followers (new + old) will appreciate how organized and efficient you are!

Ready to launch your next giveaway? Be sure to download our step-by-step guide for a successful social media giveaway checklist!