5 Healthy Tips for Freelancers

Working from home has many perks. But often times freelancing girl bosses fall into the trap of focusing all their energy on their work and end up neglecting the most important piece of the puzzle: themselves. These five tips will keep you healthy and free to focus on your hustle.

Working from home has its perks, but it's also easy to get stuck in a bit of a lazy rut. If you are a freelancer or creative entrepreneur, see our 5 tips for maintaining a healthy balance while working from home. 

1. Break up with your chair

Standing desks are all the rage these days. But you’re a boss babe, you don’t need a buy fancy standing desk, you can create one. Find a high counter or table to set your laptop on that allows you to stand while you work. Of course you can revert back to the chair periodically throughout the day, but I promise you won’t want to once you’ve joined the standing club.

2. Just walk away

It’s that simple. Once every hour, walk away from your computer. Walk around the block, walk to a coffee shop for a extra foam soy cappuccino, walk to the store for a bottle of wine. Just walk. We’re kidding about the wine, though. Save that for happy hour with the girls. Exercise increases blood flow and brain power, which translates to a better work flow and stronger girl boss power.

3. Choose plants over pizza

Yes, we know that leftover pizza sounds like the ideal lunch when it’s sitting 5 feet away from you in the fridge calling your name. As tempting as it is, healthier, nutrient-dense foods are going to keep you energized enough to power through your work. Toss together a big salad or cook up a quick stir fry. Your bod will thank you.

4. Ditch the technology during lunch

Now that you’ve picked out a healthy meal for lunch, set down the phone. You can do it. Assuming most of you girl bosses spend 24/7 working on your laptops and phones, a break from technology can be oh so refreshing. Not to mention, you’ll actually be able to taste your food instead of mindlessly munching while speed-scrolling through your Insta feed.

5. Keep your glass half full

Or rather, completely full. Make sure you’re drinking enough water throughout the day. One tip we like to use is to never let your water glass drop below half full. Keep a pitcher near your workstation and sip/refill as needed throughout the day. Water getting boring? Jazz it up with lemon or cucumber slices.

Now go sit (or stand) your healthy, hard working babe self down and start creating.