4 Ways to Increase Your Engagement on Snapchat

If your brand is starting to experiment on Snapchat, you’ve probably found yourself wondering – how can I measure if Snapchat is worth my time? If you’re reading this thinking, YES, Jess! Tell me more! Well, this post is for you! This post is also for those of you, considering Snapchat for your marketing efforts.

Snapchat is for so much more than puppy filters (even though those are our fav)! Snapchat has quickly become one of the most valuable social media platforms you can be on to promote your brand or business. But like all other platforms, it doesn't work unless you do! Click through to read our tips on how to boost your engagement on Snapchat + connect with your audience!

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Whether you’re Snapping daily or you haven’t opened Snapchat since you signed up months ago (no worries!), I’ll be sharing with you exactly what you can do to increase and encourage engagement on Snapchat!

Measuring Engagement on Snapchat

Let’s start with chatting about what engagement is on Snapchat and how you can measure it! Right now, the metrics and analytics available to brands to measure the effectiveness of their Snaps is pretty limited. In fact there are currently only two metrics available to you once you share a Snap to your Story, Views and Screenshots.

  • Views: times your Snap has been viewed from your Story

  • Screenshots: times your Sap has been screen shot from your Story

But, those aren’t the only important factors that should be considered when measuring your Snap engagement! You should also consider–

  • Chats: comments or questions from your community in relation to a particular Snap from your Story

  • Clicks: to trackable links you promoted in your Snap on your Story

To measure these other two factors + to make sure they even happen on your Snaps, you’ll need to encourage your audience to interact with you!

Here’s how . . .

Share Exclusive Content

I’m ashamed to admit this but I follow Kylie Jenner religiously. What can I say? Guilty pleasure! I can’t help myself! I check her Snap Story updates almost daily because I’m always interested to see when the next big thing is going to drop for Kylie Cosmetics. The other day, Kylie shared exclusively to her Snapchat community when she would be announcing her next new matte lipsticks.


As I’m writing this blog post, she has yet to announce the new colors but I am sure she will be premiering those on Snapchat as well. You can bet, I am waiting patiently!!!


When you share platform specific content, you’re utilizing the power of incentive as well as exclusivity. This is the first and ONLY place where your community can access this information so what are they going to do? Follow along with baited breath, just as I am with King Kylie! Say what you want about her, she knows how to keep us excited about her overpriced + overhyped products!

Host Giveaways on Snapchat

Hosting giveaways on Snapchat is its own form of exclusive content. Similarly, when you share a giveaway on Snapchat, this gives your community an exclusive opportunity to engage with your brand in a unique way. Giveaways are also a great way to give back to your community for their loyal following, all while attracting new people to your Snapchat tribe.

Considering hosting a giveaway on Snapchat? Checkout our online course! >>> How to Run Successful Giveaways on Social Media

Take for example the giveaway, ban.do hosted on Snapchat when they launched their 2017 agendas. . .


What I LOVED about this giveaway is that not only was it exclusive to Snapchat, the items they were giving away were the perfect accessories to their new agendas! Nice work, ban.do!


If you’re going to give something away on social media, it needs to be relevant to your brand and most importantly, should align with what you have to offer! When you give your community the chance to win something that’s relevant to their needs and your products or services, this automatically qualifies them as a potential customer or client. Likewise, this will help you attract new people to your community who are ideal audience members.

Ask Questions + Ask for Feedback!

If you want your audience to engage with you, sometimes all you have to do is ask!

It may sound overly simple but it works! We have so many Socialites come to us asking why they’re not getting the engagement they want from their community and without fail, one of the main reasons their engagement is lack-luster is because they’re too timid or their call-to-actions are not clear enough.

A call-to-action is simply and instructions for your audience to do what you want them to do.

One of our favorite Snapchatters, Grainhappy Photo Tips, always does a wonderful job working in conversation starters to his Snap Stories.

If you follow Eddie from Grainhappy regularly, you’ll become familiar with his photo tips. Although his Stories can run on the longer side, this is usually because he’s busy answering audience questions which he prompts by asking his Snapchat community to chat in.

Pro Tip: If you want your Snapchat community to chat with you, you MUST change your contact settings to “Everyone”! The default option is set to “My Friends” only.


If you want your audience to act, you have to ask for it + don’t forget to open up your chat settings so your audience can communicate with you!

Lead with Value

Last but certainly not least– ALWAYS lead with value first! Your community is not going to engage with you if they don’t feel like what you have to offer is worth their time. Furthermore, if you’re constantly asking them to do something for you when you are not willing to give them anything in return, well then – that’s a pretty one-sided relationship isn’t it?!

The value you provide your community can manifest in multiple ways – maybe that’s industry-specific tips, special discount codes, links to products you love, behind-the-scenes, etc. You have to work to build your relationship with your audience BEFORE they’re going to open up + trust you enough to engage with you!

Take for example when we shared this Pinterest tip on Snapchat. Moments later, Kristen who is attending our San Diego workshop this October, chatted us back letting us know she loved the tip + already started updating her boards!

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Always give more then you take on social media. When you lead with value, your community will follow! Remember, social media is a two-way street. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship between you and your community + it’s your responsibility to ensure your audience feels all the love!

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