4 Podcasts for Social Media Marketers + Well-Rounded Boss Babes

As a social media marketer, it can be challenging to do all the things! When any given day consists of: client meetings, answering emails, managing client platforms, searching for new business, maintaining a strong social media presence and about a million other things – the pressure is real! Staying up-to-date on social media updates can be one of the first things to fall of our plate but as a savvy social babe– it’s crucial for you and your clients that you know when the latest and greatest social happenings are happenin! Enter podcasts – AKA my favorite learning tool!

podcasts have become such a great learning tool for all boss babes, social media marketers included! Click to see which four we can't live without + even snag some show notes to work along with!

I started listening to social media podcasts a little over a year and a half ago. Since tuning in, I’ve become more confident in my professional opinions, I’ve uncovered my go-to resources for industry knowledge and I’ve honed in on areas of social media marketing that I previously wasn’t exposed to. In short– I FREAKING love podcasts! They’re easy to digest with short bursts of knowledge, you develop a connection with the podcaster that feels like audio BFFs and they’re great to listen to on the go!

Here are my top four recommendations for social media podcasts and well-rounded boss babes…

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When you tune into any of these podcasts, make sure to keep our awesome Socialite Show Notes worksheet on hand! This will help you follow along with your favorite lessons learned, how you can take what you discovered and implement it for your clients, track your favorite quotes and more!

Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

Amy was the first social media related podcast I started listening to and I’ve been a loyal listener ever since! Although Amy has transitioned from sharing mostly tips about Facebook Advertising for marketers to online course building– she is still one of my all time favorites! One of the many reasons I adore Amy is her teaching style, this gal loves her systems! She teaches everything in a step-by-step approach which makes it easy to follow along and implement. She also usually has a fun workbook, cheatsheet, or handy tool that goes along with each episode which is a nice touch!

Jess’ Picks

#108: How Can I Be The Expert If I’m Just Starting Out?

#112: 5 Ways to Legally Protect Your Online Business

#74: Write Better Copy: Quick Tips for More Confident Communication

Being Boss

We’ve written about our love for Being Boss previously in, 5 Podcasts For Entrepreneurs + Dream Chasers but I want to bring it back up for all our social media marketers out there! This is a great podcast to add into the mix for creating a well-rounded business. Focusing on business mindset, habits and tactics for creative entrepreneurs– you’ll love how this totally relatable duo breaks down the do’s + the dont’s using REAL life examples. I love that Emily and Kathleen aren’t afraid to put all their cards on the table and even disagree with each other at times. It can be fun to hear the two different perspectives and their chemistry is on point!

As an added bonus, Being Boss also offers mini-episodes that give great little learning lessons for anyone short on time! Although I highly recommend their longer episodes, these are also jam-packed with great value!

Jess’ Picks




Social Media Social Hour

Hosted by my friend Tyler Anderson who owns Casual Fridays, a social media agency here in San Diego, this podcast is great for any social media marketer who wants to stay in the know! Tyler shares his two-cents on what’s happening in social media marketing today, tips on content creation, implementation and more! As of late, he’s been sharing some great case studies of companies doing things right in the world of social media. Tyler also welcomes guest interviewees to his show, he even welcomed me on to share my photography tips for marketers!

Jess’ Picks

Social Media Photography and Photo Tips with Jessica Howell (I might be a bit biased– wink!)

How to Create Work/Life Balance in an Industry That Never Sleeps

7 Tips To Get The Most Out of Attending Conferences

The Science of Social Media by Buffer

This is my latest find which I am SO excited about! With only being eight episodes in– this podcast has room to grow but already the episodes are value-packed! This is an interview-style podcast where the three hosts bring on a new guest each show. What I love most about this podcast so far is their incredibly comprehensive show notes. Buffer gives you multiple ways to listen, episode overviews, what you’ll learn, great action items, and shareable snippets. I’m looking forward to following along and seeing how this podcast grows!

Jess’ Picks

8. Millennial Marketing: Actionable Social Media Advice from a Top Marketer - Everette Taylor

5. Why Personal Branding is the Most Important Thing You Can Do for Yourself - Dorie Clark

4. What Is User Generated Content and Why Are Top Brands Doubling Down Now? - Dom Garrett

I’d love to hear your go-to podcasts, feel free to share them below!

P.S we’re thinking about hosting our own Socialite podcast! What would you like to hear from us? Comment below with your requests!