4 Habits of an Extraordinary Social Media Manager

As a business owner, you have a lot of stuff on your plate and quite frankly, sometimes social media falls off. But you know it’s crucial for the success of your business, so what do you do? Cool! You’ve decided to take the next big step for your business and hire a social media manager to take over your accounts and bring your marketing to the next level.

Before you decide to take the leap and hire a social media manager for your business, consider these 4 extremely important characteristics to look for in whoever you hire. Get the most out of your investment with the best social media manager you can find!

Trust me when I say, there are A LOT of “social media managers” out there, but finding an extraordinary one is like finding the diamond in the rough. Before hiring the next person who walks in through the door, consider these characteristics before making your final decision. Here are the habits you’ll want to keep an eye out for when making the perfect selection —

Focused + sets clear goals

Herein lies the trap of “self-proclaimed” social media managers. Lots of people enjoy posting to Instagram, Facebook, et al. But a great social media manager sets clear, attainable goals that are inline with what your business is working towards. Whether that be direct sales, growing your following, or something else, your social media manager should keep these in mind for everything they post. By setting goals with your social media they are not only creating a roadmap to success, but they are giving themselves something to be held accountable to, and that’s so important.

They love metrics

An extraordinary social media manager should live and breathe data and social metrics. They should constantly be in tune with optimal posting times, click through rates, and follower growth. Without knowing these metrics, there’s no way to measure the success of your efforts. Not only should they be tracking your social metrics, they should be analyzing the heck out of them to figure out what they can improve on and what is working for your brand.

They create content calendars

The further out, the better. And better yet, they create tie ins across the platforms. Promoting a new product on Instagram? They can use content calendars to schedule cross-promotions on your Instagram stories, Facebook, Twitter, you name it. A content calendar helps you stay organized and on track with the current happenings of the business. Your social media manager should be planning at least a week out, preferably further.

They go above and beyond with your audience

Anyone can hit the ♡ on a comment on your Instagram post or Facebook page. An amazing social media manager gets invested in your audience and engages in conversations, asks questions, and builds relationships. It’s not enough to simply post to your social channels, you have to engage with your followers if you want to build any kind of brand loyalty.

There are many characteristics that make up a great social media manager, but these four are crucial. If you already have a social media manager on staff or you’re looking to bring one on these habits are a must! Find someone who will love your brand as much as you do and will help your business succeed.