3 Ways to Create Cohesive Social Media Graphics for Your Brand

In today’s cluttered social media sphere, consistency is key. Not only are you recognized and known for your branding, it’s also appreciated by your audience. When your audience is scrolling through Pinterest, it’s your branding color scheme they recognize first over others. When you’re launching a new product on Instagram, it’s your story they stop and read while scrolling through the feed. Why? Because your social media graphics are beautiful, cohesive and consistent. Right? If you’re struggling in this area or graphic design isn’t your strong suit, here are a few tips that can make it easier to create some cohesion in your social media branding.

If your social media graphics are less than consistent, it might be time to implement a little strategy into your content creation. Click through to get our best tips, time savers, and hacks for creating beautiful social media graphics that are consistent across the board.

Create a style guide and stick with it

Your brand should have a style guide for everything you produce, and social media is no exception. The more specific, detailed and organized you are, the better. A style guide should consist of the following:

  • Logo guide

  • Color scheme

  • Font guides

  • Brand voice guidelines

You can get even more detailed with it, but these components are crucial to creating cohesive social media graphics. Keep your colors, fonts and voice consistent across the board and you’ll be in a good spot!

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Optimize your image sizes

Each social platform requires different dimensions for their graphics. Pinterest performs best in a long, vertical image (735px X 1102px) whereas Twitter prefers a shorter image (1024px X 512px). Having optimal image sizes will help draw your audience’s eye and streamline your social platforms. Canva is a great tool for this because you can use their pre-templated sizes to create your graphics. Save yourself some time and use their templates and just add in the content.

Use Similar Imagery

Your graphics on Pinterest should be similar to the ones on Instagram. Meaning, utilize the imagery your brand loves to create cohesive graphics. If you favor bright colors or negative space on Instagram, use similar imagery when creating Pinterest or Facebook graphics. Your imagery is a representation of your brand, so keep it consistent across the board.

Just like the rest of your brand, your social media graphics are a chance to represent who you are as a business. Your audience will appreciate cohesion and consistency, so be sure to follow our tips, refer to the style guide, and stick with what works!