3 Quick Twitter Tips and Tricks

Okay socialites, we know you've been using Twitter to gab about the latest episode of the Bachelor and jump on BuzzFeed's latest "Top [insert here some ridiculous but totally relatable] list". But did you know you could strategically use Twitter to grow your business or blog? Turns out, you can! Here's a few quick Twitter tips you may want to tweet about. ;)

Your Profile

When choosing your Twitter handle, or username, make sure it is exactly the same, or at least similar, to your other social media accounts. This allows your audience to easily find and identify you across platforms. Having the same username between Twitter and Instagram is especially important because you’ll automatically be tagged in any Instagram photo shared on Twitter, that you’re tagged in, of course.

"Make your social media account names the same or similar so your audience can find you online!" (Tweet this!)

That being said, we will note that Instagram has made an update recently that will translate Instagram handles when shared on Twitter (even if they are not the same). If you've taken the time to link your Twitter account to your Instagram account, your handles will link in a shared photo (whether or not your handles are the exact same). If the mentioned user has not connected their Instagram to their Twitter account, the user's @ sign will be removed from the username when shared to Twitter. Sound complicated? It could be to your followers, so try and keep em' the same!

Now, your bio. Make sure to provide enough information so your audience knows what it is you do. Include some keywords and personal information. People are interested in connecting with other people, not a computer screen! Lastly, don’t be afraid to throw in some humor. Everyone could use a little laugh!

"Awesome Twitter bios include: keywords, details, and a little bit of humor!" (Tweet this!)

The 140 Character Limit

By now most of us are familiar with the 140 character limit on Tweets. Although you have 140 characters, try to keep your Tweets under 120 characters so they can be easily retweeted by other people. Leave room for people to add their own thoughts and comments! Having trouble keeping your Tweets short? Try taking out unnecessary articles like “an, a, the”, etc. Every character counts!

Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics is now open to everyone! Once you sign in for the first time, Twitter Analytics will begin tracking the performance of your past posts. Check to see which posts had the most engagement with your audience and try to post similar things. This being said, don’t forget to be creative and try new things! Just remember to regularly use Twitter Analytics as a tool to improve your Tweets!