11 Apps + Subscriptions Every Boss Babe Needs

Ok, boss babes, it’s May and we are well into 2016 now, so if you haven’t quite got around to organizing your business, excuse time is over! Admittedly, I’m currently looking at a to-do list and a planner, both with handwritten notes in front of me. There’s something about just writing things down that helps me process better. However, in this digital age it’s amazing all the apps and tools at our disposal and right at the tip of our fingers. In one handheld device I can mange my finances, my to-do list, and access any document I need at any given time. It’s amazing!

Apps and subscriptions to help organize your business or brand

But with so many choices out there, it’s easy for your desktop to get muddy. That’s why I wanted to break it down to the basics and share my 10 apps and subscriptions that every girl boss needs to successfully run her life. Now, whether you’re a seasoned blogger, a business woman, a stay-at-home mommy, or what have you, you are a girl boss. How you use these apps and subscriptions will be different from the next person- but I think we can all admit our lives could use a bit more organization from time to time.


I’ve used Asana from my corporate life, to my blog life. It’s amazing. This free app is a project management tool sent from the gods. It allows you to create groups, teams, projects, you name it. Whether you’re looking to organize your small business or just keep your to-dos on track, Asana can help. Plus, I know we all get an insane amount of gratification from checking a box and having a task disappear.

Bonus - Asana will reward you with unicorns for a job completed. Isn’t that the ultimate pat on the back?


I have Evernote everywhere - on my laptop, on my phone, on my ipad. That way, no matter where I am, if I need to jot something down, it’s there. Whether you need to update a to-do list or scribble down a book suggestion, Evernote is the perfect catch-all. One of my favorite things about Evernote is the internal sharing capabilities. If you’re looking for a quick way to share notes with your team, this app is great. Most importantly, it will never be as jumbled as the Notes section on your phone because everything is broken down into notebooks and projects - making it easily accessible and organized.


Please tell me you’re on Dropbox and not living in a cave. You guys, Dropbox is a game changer. I use it for personal and for business because it’s like this beautiful little island where files are organized and accessible from anywhere. It has gotten me out of a jam more than once (I tend to forget things…oops). If you’re a photographer or someone who requires a lot of storage, this is perfect for taking your portfolio on the go. Plus, sharing files is a breeze - no more emailing PDFs back and forth and wondering if those updates were saved.


Do you suffer from “shiny object syndrome”? Don’t worry, most visionaries do. Sometimes you get so excited about a project or an idea that you just want to get started right away, even if you don’t have the capacity for it. Enter Trello. I use Trello to create what is called a “backlog”. Basically, every time we have an idea that is important, but not urgent, it goes on the backlog. That way, when the time comes where we have some open availability and are ready to tackle our next project, we can pick from the list and keep our priorities in order. Bonus - you’ll never go “what was that idea I thought of last week?” ever again!


Whether you’re looking to grow your newsletter subscribers or increase sales, Leadpages is the best of the best for creating landing pages for your audience. It allows you to collect leads and contacts through social media, text messaging, pop-up forms, you name it! It’s a great way to increase your reach without looking spammy.


You’re on Instagram. If you say you’re not you’re either fibbing or in the wrong place. Whether you’re using it for personal or for business, it’s important to know if you’re reaching your audience. Iconosquare keeps you on track with their analytics and snapshots while also showing you optimal posting times for your content. This little beauty of a tool helps you get the most out of your posts to make sure you’re getting your fullest reach possible.


Mint allows you to manage your finances effectively by integrating all of your financial accounts together. You add in your credit cards, bank accounts, student loans, etc. and it will track your expenses, savings, and help you manage your money. Now, the reason I chose this one instead of a more business-guided financial system such as Quickbooks is because Mint is meant specifically for personal finance and helps you keep that section of your life on track. Business finances are a whole different animal, but we won’t tackle that in this post!


Let’s call this what it is - Photoshop for dummies. If you’re (Like me!) not fluent in all the fancy Adobe products, meet your new best friend. My favorite part about Canva is the user-friendly interface that allows you to create graphics for any platform you could possibly think of. Plus, it’s completely free so you can spend as much time as you need learning how to debunk this creativity tool.


Have you ever tried to login to something and said, “what the heck was my password again?” LastPass is one of my favorite apps ever created. It’s essentially a browser extension that remembers all of your passwords in a secure vault. That’s right - no more typing in your password over and over again! You can get the app on your phone and carry those passwords with you as well. And if you ever lose your device? No problem! Instead of resetting a million passwords for all of your accounts, you just reset your master password for LastPass and everything remains secure!


We all stare at screens. You’re doing it right now! For my sensitive eyes (and easily triggered migraines), f.lux is amazing. This app updates your screen display to adapt to the time of day - warm at night and like sunlight during the day. Because who should be looking at the sun at 10pm, right? It gives your computer a softer display that allows your eyes to adapt and reduces strain. It’s a “set-it-and-forget-it” tool, so once you have it installed you’ll get so used to it, you’ll never worry about eye strain again!


Bitly is great for tracking your CTR across all platforms. They offer a free service that allows you to copy links from your website and create branded links that allow you to track the functionality and performance. Branding your links makes them look less spammy and provides a much higher conversion rate than simply copying + pasting your full URL to your social channels. 

I just threw a lot of different types of tools at you, boss babes. If you need help remembering, or if you want a handy guide to keep with you for the future, download this checklist to make sure you have everything you need to be the most organized girl boss on the block.