Attention all writers, bloggers, and creatives!

Why Become a Contributor for Social Studio Shop?

We welcome guest contributors to write for Social Studio Shop’s blog who can provide our audience with significant benefits and high-quality original content.

Have you ever had unlimited high-fives? That's what it feels like to contribute to the Social Studio Shop blog. We love to help our fellow boss babes build their web presence by giving them the space to gain credibility and prove themselves as an expert in their field. Being a contributor also allows you to extend your reach and your focus in the community. You'll be interacting with a new audience and building relationships with new followers, which is key to maintaining a social presence in this day in age. 

What is the Social Studio Shop "Voice"?

The Social Studio Shop girlboss writes in a way that is positive, but doesn't sugarcoat information so it's no longer informative. She is the perfect combination of fun, but is still a professional boss babe who knows what she's talking about. That being said, while she's experienced + intelligent, she's always humble and never braggy. It's important to keep the information modern, and always evolving. Social media trends are constantly changing, and our ideal contributors are on their toes! The Social Studio Shop voice is intellectual, but never stuffy or boring - we find a way to provide information in a relatable, easily digestible manner.  Like most boss babes, she is polished + detailed so the information we are giving our audience is always on point. And no matter what, she's always looking to Inspire, Connect + Grow!

Contributor’s Guidelines:

  • 500-800 words

  • Written in first-person perspective

  • Provide valuable insight + practical takeaways

  • Content posted by contributor cannot be for promotion of a product or service

  • Resist the temptation of rambling *wink!

  • Be friendly (no posts such as “5 Things You're Doing Wrong on Your Blog”) + use your authentic voice

  • Include high-resolution images (if images are pulled from other sites - you must provide credit of original source)

  • Send us a short author bio including a headshot of yourself, your preferred social handle, + website

  • Send blog post to in 12pt Times New Roman, in a Google Doc

What's in it for you?

  • We give you a social *high-five* (and lots of them!)

  • Builds your own thought-leadership + online influence

  • Increases exposure + brand awareness

  • Expands your network

  • Get quality traffic + build SEO authority

  • Improves your blogging skills

By submitting content to Social Studio Shop, you are affirming that all content submitted is written by you, the author. If your content has been published elsewhere (print), please let us know when and where it occurred. We cannot repurpose content that has already been previously published on other websites. 

If you are interested in contributing to our blog, please send your pitches/writing topic ideas to our content manager, Samantha Welker.